Friday, October 19, 2012

Guide, How To "VNC from an iPad or iPhone to a Mac"

I haven't used this myself, I still don't have iOS device myself, though I will probably get an iPod Touch sooner or later, or failing that I will get my girlfriend's iPad 2 when we upgrade her to iPad 3 or iPad 4

I do have an iMac, in part cause I didn't want to have to switch to Windows 8, and with Bootcamp I can run Windows 7, and eventually Linux (just starting to play with Linux).

Anyway I have been looking into VPN solutions for my girlfriend, because she is a database manager at work, and while she has work provided laptop, it usually stays at work in the dock unless she knows she is going to need it.

She doesn't like carrying it around.

But she loves her iPad 2, unfortunately because it doesn't support flash, and for some other issues, she can't always take care of everything work related that she would like to from her iPad.

If we find a VPN solution for iOs that solvers her problems I will certainly post about it, other wise we are thinking about maybe a 2nd work Windows 8 phone or phablet to solve that problem.

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