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Night 2 of the SATL Season 2 Semi Finals

Really good series of games today.  Even better than yesterday.

Looking forward to the finals Friday.

I'll post replay links when they are available.

Grand Finals
Friday, September 30th, 2011 7pm [19:00] PDT



Tonight is Second Night of Semi Finals from SATL season 2 at 19:00 PDT

There were some real good games last night, looking forward to tonight's games.

Semi Finals
Monday, September 26th & 27th @ 7pm [19:00] PDT

Grand Finals
Friday, September 30th, 2011 7pm [19:00] PDT



Replays [blue link to right of individual results]

ColTriMaster streaming team practice with ColMinigun and ColCatz

TriMaster's stream.  Also on right side of blog for easy clicking.

Catz is trolling TriMaster.

Discussion of Seizure of some Team Sp00ky Stream gear by the department of homeland security

I wonder why gamers have problems with Homland Security? I know Totalbiscuit had problems worse than this, unless something changed TB still can't come to the United States.

[edited to add: Homeland Security: We can seize laptops for an indefinite period ]

From   Twitter

More information on topic:

Just saw Grubby lose to a Zerg that did fast 4 gas, for Nydus lings into the main

followed by Muta.

Was just talking to some people in stream Chat monday night for the SATL semi Finals that I wanted to see Muta Ling + nydus.

Now I have and it seemed stronger than I was expecting, but that might just be because Grubby hadn't seen it before.

Thundertoss is Coaching Minigun on Minigun's stream

Minigun's Stream

VOD from First Night Starcraft 2 Amateur Team Leage [SATL] Season 2 Semi Finals

Some good games tonight, tomorrow night at 7:00 PM PDT second half of Semi Finals will be streamed.

My favorite was the last game of the night, started at 1:01:00 [one hour and one minute] in Part 2, cool PvT game between Duece (Protoss) & euphoSZ (Terran).  

Cast by NanMan and Sidewinder.

VOD:  Part 1
           Part 2

More information here.


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.4 thoughts & comments

Official Blizzard post

Teamliquid thread

Up front, so you know my perspective, I play Protoss, Zerg is my off race, but that may well change in the future.

Really thinking about switching to Zerg, I think they are actually the strongest of the three races for skilled players.  When I say skilled, I don't mean micro monsters, Zerg can tech switch harder and faster than the other races.  Plus they have the most mobility, totally ignoring Speedlings and Mutas which happen to be among the two fastest units in the game, with every Overlord being a transport with upgrade, and Nydus providing instant movement across the map, I suspect Zerg will eventually face some hard nerfs to balance them once people actually realize the true strength of Zerg.  You just can't 1A with them, that is were the skill and knowledge of the game comes into play.

Proplayers that I follow are Catz (Z), Kiwkiaki (P), WhiteRa (P), Grubby (P), GoOdy (T), & to a lesser extent Destiny (Z) & Minigun (P mainly but he dabbles with Z).  [Check right side of my blog for links to these players streams, and repays.  I add more content there every month.]


I really like the buff to Warp Prism, I don't think it was needed, but I will certainly use it, I don't think 2 base Colossus will be a long term viable build in SC2.  Colossus NEED support units, and ideally +2 or +3 attack upgrades.  That takes time and gas.

Warp Prism lets you use all mineral units for backstabbing and pinning attacks/harassment to safely transition into Colossus off  of 3 or 4 base.  Zealot drops on mineral lines, even with slow lots, are very effective at pinning and backstabbing.  Three or four non microed zealots seem to maul any number of non microed workers, 1 or 2 lots seem to die to 1A by enough workers.

WhiteRa has been know for using Warp Prism harassment that way, he also as a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) will send one Zealot into closest enemy base right at the beginning of a fight.  One zealot usually won't matter for the fight past early stages of the game.  But one Zealot can kill a lot of workers during the time of the battle.

I believe the Warp was already the fasted Transport unit in the game with the speed upgrade, now in some ways it is the toughest.

Since the patch I have seen WhiteRa use Stalker + Warp Prism micro to snipe Overlords all over the map and totally deny map control to Zerg opponent for much of the middle game.


I don't have much to say about Terran, I don't play them at all, I think Thors might be most useful massive unit in the game.  But I am not sure about that, but I know that neither Thors and Battlecruisers seem to need support units when they first appear in the game.  Unlike Broodlords or Colossus.

I don't agree with the Infestor nerf.  Though a range reduction is better than what they were originally planning with making Massive units immune.

I do like Blizzard's comments and Buff to Overseer, should help a lot with scouting, specially if players use Changlings more like Blizzard wants.

Also has anyone ever seen David Kim's pet Baneling?

Minigun Streaming

ColMinigun stream I also have Minigun's stream, and others on right side of the blog for easy clicking.

EGIdra vs colMinigun, Idra rage

Idra vs Minigun, with Idra BM.  Of course Minigun seems to be able to provoke it easily, without even trying, Chad Jones (Minigun) seems mannered whenever I watch him stream or see his games cast.

For more Idra Rage see this link.

Cast by The Real NanMan

Starcraft 2 Amateur Team League Season 2

Starcraft 2 Amateur Team League Season 2


Semi Finals
Monday, September 26th & 27th @ 7pm [19:00] PDT

Grand Finals
Friday, September 30th, 2011 7pm [19:00] PDT



Replays [blue link to right of individual results]


Check out NanMan's latest VOD: WhiteRA vs Bly!

VirusBly vs TtWhiteRa lot of LOL in this one.

Also want to say thank to the NanMan for giving me a shoutout.  Check him out at

Sunday, September 18, 2011

EG Mastercup Season 6 Week 5 VOD Sjow & Bischu vs Catz & drewbie

Link to VOD I will also put it at right side of blog in VOD section for easy clicking.

Gamers Solving Problems for Scientists

From the Journal Nature.  The Game can be found here at now you can tell people you game for Science as well as Charity

Gift of GAB, Team Guns 'n Broaches, Destiny & Minigun name for their 2v2

This link has audio from both teams if they are using it, so you can hear the allies talk.  Very cool.

WHAT: A BO5 2v2 showmatch

PRIZES: Each game will be worth $20 for a min of $60 and max of $100 given out each week!

WHEN: Every other Sunday 5pm EST / 2pm PST starting September 18th


SITREP or Why very little content last few days, had to buy new hardware

My regular follower have probably noticed that I didn't have my normal amount of new posts over the last week or so, due to my desktop going down.

I spent to many days trying to fix before admitting that I would have to buy newer OS for it, I had been using my older desktop for all my NON gaming stuff.  So when desktop went down I had lot of work to do to get everything switched over to the new machine.

Think I'm back up to almost full speed, still working out few tweaks, but I have more more backup hardware now.  So should not have that problem again.

Thanks for following my blog.

IPL 3 Qualifier VOD yes, no Replays yet

[Edited to add: IPL 3 VODs here: IPL 3 Day 1 (Pools A & B) || IPL 3 Day 2 (Pools C & D) || IPL 3 Day 3 (Championship Bracket Ro32/Ro16) ][Added 10/10/2011 IPL 3 Day 4 (Part 1) || IPL 3 Day 4 (Part 2) ]

[lot of people are hitting this post looking for the IPL 3 Tournament VODs those are above,  the original post is below, was about  IPL qualifier VOD]

Here is link for IPL 3  Qualifier VOD, you can also sort for other season on the linked site look on the left side of page for menu/sort options.

I will also add this link to the VOD section at the right side of my blog for easy clicking.

2011 Dreamhack Valencia Invitational VOD

Valencia VOD link

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gift of GAB Weekly 2v2 Show Match Guns 'n Broaches (Minigun & Destiny) vs weekly challenger

This is what Thundertoss and Minigun where talking about!!!  This will be great!  I love 2v2, maybe Catz & Drewbie will do something like this when drewbie gets back from Korea.

Thundertoss Teamliquid post about the event.

WHAT: A BO5 2v2 showmatch

PRIZES: Each game will be worth $20 for a min of $60 and max of $100 given out each week!

WHEN: Every other Sunday 5pm EST / 2pm PST starting September 18th


King of the Hill by Ascend and Thundertoss

A Top 200 King of the Hill

Every Friday ~9:30 pm - 5:00 am EST  

Any players from the Top 200 list/ New GrandMasters League

Casted by Ascend and Thundertoss.

Stream(s) and/or


I believe Minigun is supposed to be on this Friday.  Thundertoss was teaching him a new timing attack/build for PvZ, looked sick!

Dreamhack Valencia only a day away!

Latest Teamliquid thread about Dreamhack Valencia Invitational.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sheth & Destiny Charity 24 hour Stream for Doctors without Borders

From what I read on the Teamliquid thread (same thread as below), they raised over $30,000.00 just from donations.  There is also the ad revenue which will be matched.

GG to everyone who donated time or money.

I think efforts like this show the general public that gamers, both pro and amateur, are Mannered and socially responsible.

Which is important if you want SC2 to be recognized as a real sport.  Doesn't mean you have to be a conformist.  Just that your willing to give something back to society.  Or paying forward if you prefer.

I believe that is one way to gain respect from the broader public that doesn't understand gaming. 

For people who are not part of the gaming community, it is hard to know much about it except that some kids and young adults spend a lot of time gaming instead of working or studying.

I think activities like this give gamers something they can point to that shows a clearly that gaming isn't a bad thing to people that are not into gaming.

I impressed that Destiny was trying hard enough to stay awake for this 24 hour Charity stream that he fell asleep on his keyboard.  Though I suspect a lot of people will tease him about it.

Remember Destiny has a baby son, so he doesn't necessarily get full night of sleep even if Rachel is around.  Parents with babies are often sleep deprived.

GJ Sheth!  GJ Destiny!  Also thanks to everyone else that helped or donated!!!

Teamliquid thread with details.  Destiny's stream & Sheth's Stream

From Sheth's Teamliquid post: "I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. I'm going to be participating in another charity soon. How soon? Tomorrow. September 13th 2011 10:00 AM EDT[local]. Starting then, I'm going to be streaming for 24 + hours straight."

Anti Spoiler link & Resource guide to this Starcraft 2 blog

Link(s) bring you here to avoid spoiling outcome of series.

I decided to handle the spoiler issue this way.  If you like it or don't like it, post a comment below.

Please check out the right side of the blog for more Starcraft 2 resources.  Including Streams. VODs, replays, and events.  I will be tweaking & updating the contents of this post as time goes by, not sure that people new to the site realize all the content and resources that are here when they first start visiting.

I will update this post as needed.  Immediately below is current detailed outline of resources available on my blog.  I also mention planned additions and improvements.

[Last updated 9/25/2011 minor edits 12/13/2011 updated 2-28-2012]

I now have a Google Translate gadget on my Starcraft 2 Blog, it is on left side below the Clocks, it will translated the text on my Blog to Korean, German, French, etc.

World Clocks:  Top Center, helped me a lot for making sure I didn't miss Dreamhack events.  That is what lead me to putting the World Clocks up, Starts with the Prime Meridian of Starcraft 2 Korean Daylight Time [KDT] and moves west from there.

Event Corner:  Top right, just below the World Clocks for time zone conversions, is the "Event Corner" it will contain a clock for time zone of next event of interest to me.  Also date and time for event.  Plus links to stream, brackets, and whatever else seems important for that event.

I am still exploring different layouts, but generally I will have direct links to stream for the event or direct link to main official site/post for the event.  Plus link to my main post about the event in the Event Corner.

I will usually be posting reports on the games from those events.  Sometimes real life gets in the way of that, but if you see event in the Event Corner it will usually also be covered in this blog.

Streams:  Next on the right side.  Currently is predominately Progamer Streams.  But also includes Event Streams and a few Casters.

Coaching Lessons:  Next on the right side.  So far the only link here is for lessons from Catz.  Though I plan to add a select few additional links.

I am going to limit these to people I have either seen coach, or received coaching from personally.  That way I know everyone linked here as a coach is good at coaching.

Coaching is a different skill from playing.  The best players, not just in esports, are not always the best coaches.  I may endorse some people for coaching that I am not a fan of as a gamer & vice versa.

PLEASE NOTE just because someone isn't listed doesn't mean they are a bad coach.  Most likely it means I have not had the time or opportunity to review their coaching.

One of my primary goals for this blog, is to provide real content, not just opinion.  Striving for a Professional and Mannered Starcraft 2 blog.

You can think of Day9 & WhiteRa as my role models for Conduct.  While I am trying to provide Content that compliments what DAY9 and TeamLiquid provide. 

Replay Links:  This currently has direct links to replay search queries for Catz on 2 of the main replay sites.  Also has replay link for a game from Team GAB, Guns 'n Broaches, Destiny & Minigun 2v2 team name.

This section will be expanded a lot in the future.  I will eventually have links to posts the contain a collection of links to replays for specific players, builds, and events.  That will conserve space for more direct links like the majority of links currently there.

For example,  I will eventually have a Catz replay post, that is linked from this section, that will be organized so you can find replays of him doing his trademark Hatch in Protoss base counter vs cannon rush/harass.  Or the latest replay from a tournament.

VOD Links:  Next, this will eventually be organized like Replay Links section.

SC2 Links:  Other Starcraft 2 resources that don't fit in one of the above categories.  Or sometimes they fit in more than one category, so they will be included here as well as another section.

My other Blogs:  If you want to see what else I do for blogging.  This blog and my book review blog receive the bulk of my time and energy.  I am getting the book review one up to speed. [Edited 12/13/2011]  I am spending almost all my time and energy on this Blog, may spend more time on the book review blog in the future, I really want to, but people like my Esport Corner lot more than my Book Corner!

In the near future I should begin reviewing ARC [Advanced Reader Copies] books, so I will be able to read and review book before it is actually published.  Like Beta Testing or Reviewing games.

I am hoping to provide Beta Testing & Review of egames, some time in the future.

Currently though ""The Plan" is for daily content on this blog, and weekly content on the book review blog.

Moving on to the Top Left of the blog below the world clocks.

Labels:  Top Left, right below world clocks.  Labels that are used for indexing posts.  So if you want to find all posts on colTrimaster just click on that label and all posts with that label will be brought up.  I use more labels than the ones displayed.  So if you find a post you like look at the bottom for the labels and click on one that fits what you like.  That will bring up all other posts with that label or subject heading.

Twitter Links:  Next on the left side.  Twitter links for Starcraft 2 people I follow.

Blog Archive:  Last on the left.  Index of all posts by month.

IPL 3 - Qualifier ColCatZ vs SlayerSSleep

Some Z vs Z Bo3 cast by AskJoshy & Catspajamas on the IGNProLeague's channel.

Game 2

Game 3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Catz and the rest of compLexity on EG MAster Cup

Stream here at One More Game.  gogogogogo!!!!!!!!!!

The V Attero vs TriMaster casted by Askjoshy

Trimaster vs Attero casted by AskJoshy
I am a real fan of Trimaster.  Go TRIMASTER!!!!

Game 1 below from AskJoshy

TLO vs GoOdy Showmatch about to begin! It is a Bo5

German language StreamEnglish language stream.

Fan of both these players.  But I really hate mirror matchups.

Best of 5 Showmatch.

Vod & Replays are supposed to be up, don't know how long it will take.  Endrey will have VOD at least up on his page here.

Spoiler Alert.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Destiny on State of The Game, talking about being banned by Battlenet

Destiny's stream.

State of the Game Stream.

Something Important in SC2's growth: Starcraft 2 Science: Skillcraft's Study

An Academic thread, by Mark Blair (CRUSHDOG5), on Teamliquid, about a study that SC2 players of all levels can participate in, link for the study is here.

Related link from Mark Blair.

TLO vs GoOdy showmatch Wednesday Sept. 14,2011 at 18:00 CEST

Full info @ Teamliquid.

Wednesday September 14, 2011at 6:00 pm CEST [see world clocks at top of Blog for easy time zone conversion]

Mort's German language streamSpecial Endrey's English language stream.

Charity 24 hour stream by Sheth & Destiny for Doctors without Borders

Sheth's Stream & Destiny's Stream

All kinds of stuff.  Viewers/fans getting to play the pros.  All kinds of pro players and casters stopping by to donate some of there time to this fund raising.

Destiny & Sheth are doing Charity Streaming event live now!

Teamliquid thread with details.  Destiny's stream & Sheth's Stream

From Sheth's Teamliquid post: "I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. I'm going to be participating in another charity soon. How soon? Tomorrow. September 13th 2011 10:00 AM EDT[local]. Starting then, I'm going to be streaming for 24 + hours straight."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shoutcraft Invitational 3 TLO vs Destiny


Game 1 was great IMO.

Shoutcraft Invitational 3 information, tip jar, details, etc.

More information, including Totalbiscuit's explanation of the tip jar for the players, tip jar is explained at 10:20 in the video below.  Basically Blizzard tournament license from Blizzard limits prizes to $5000.00, Totalbiscuit explains it in the video below, he is working on the details for larger prize pools but doesn't think it is practical.  Tipjar for players or for next Invitational on this page of Cynical Brit webpage (Totalbiscuit's site).  On the rights side, top is prize pool donations (for future Invitationals) directly below that is Tip Jar for the players.

Thanks again to Totalbiscuit, Apollo, & everyone else that help run this event. It is greatly appreciated!

SHOUTcraft Invitational 3 by Totalbiscuit

I am going to miss watching this live because of the time zone differences, combined with real life things I have to do this weekend. T_T

But I got to see the Second Shoutcraft Invitational live, it was truly impressive.

I strongly urge everyone to watch this live if possible, or if that isn't possible then watch the replays!

I really appreciate Totalbiscuit's Invitational, I think they show how a to run a closed tournament/invitational in Starcraft 2.  Totalbiscuit + Apollo are also my favorite casting team.

Besides the links below, I have Totalbiscuit's stream & VOD links on the right side of the blog for easy clicking.  His Twitter is on the left side of the blog.

  • What:  Shoutcraft Invitational 3
  • When:  September 10, 2011 at 11am GMT/12pm BST/1pm CEST/7am EST & September 11, 2011 at 11am GMT/12pm BST/1pm CEST/7am EST [see clocks at top of blog for easy time conversions]
  • Where: TwitchTv
  • Casters:  Totalbiscuit & Apollo
  • Players:  Socke, DDE, Destiny, TLO, Dimaga, Tyler, Strelok, WhiteRa
  • Format:  Single Elimination Bo5, Finals Bo7
  • Prize Pool:  $5,000.00 [NoteTotalbiscuit sets it up so everyone that participates in his invitationals get money.  He compares it to a Boxing Match.  I think this is a very good idea for invitationals.]
  • VOD:  Totalbisuit's Youtube Channel

Thursday, September 8, 2011

drewbie has some video up from Korea

drewbie is vlogging (Video blogging) about his time in Korea.

coldrewbie tweeted:  Took some videos of my first week in Korea, It is going to be a weekly thing, ENJOY ~

ColCatz & ColTriMaster are both streaming their practice games vs each other

TriMaster stream here, and  Catz stream here.  The stream links can always be found on the right side of my blog for easy clicking.

DreamHack Valencia Invitational Starcraft 2

  DreamHack Valencia Invitational, only 9 days away, information below and at top right of blog in the "Event Corner":
  • What:  DreamHack Valencia Invitational
  • Where:  Valencia, Spain
  • When:  September 17, 2011 at 15:00 CEST [see top of blog for world clocks to simplify time zone conversions]
  • Casters:  TotalBiscuit & Apollo! [my favorite casting team]
  • Players:  DongRaeGu, Thorzain, Lucifron, IdrA, HuK, NaNiwa, HerO, & Rain
  • Format:  Bo3 Single Elimination Bracket; Finals B05
  • Streams:  [when available]
  • VOD:  [when available]

[will add more information here as it becomes available]

Catz is streaming

ColCatz's stream, also the link to Catz's stream is always on the right side of the blog for easy clicking.

Lot more content there as well:  VOD, replays, proplayer streams, & more.

ColTriMaster is streaming!

TriMaster is streaming here!!!   gogogogogogogogogogogo

Trimaster's stream link is also on right side of blog in the "streams" section on the right side of the blog just below the "Event Corner".

ColCatz playlist

Lot of people hit my blog looking for Catz's music.  So here is the playlist from Catz.  I'll update this playlist whenever I find additions to the playlist.  But I will do so as a new post.  If you spot any errors please post and I will make corrections.

I saw someone hit my blog looking for this so here it is, if you have problems with the above here is the link.

Lot more information below the break, including text list & partial playlist link on grooveshark so you can click and start listening to Catz music right away.

Welcome to Cliff's Esport Corner

This is primarily a fan page by me about ColCatz, a professional Starcraft 2 Zerg player who is a member of Complexity Gaming.  Will also provide general updates and useful links for players and fans of SC2.

Such as links to SC2 events, VODs, and replay packs.  I will also put up world clocks for events outside of the North America, to make it easier for people here to follow tournaments on the other side of the world.

If I am getting European or Korean viewers please comment and I will put up world clock apps here on the blog for you also.

Catz was an "A" level 2v2 player in Broodwar with his teammate Drewbie.

Professional 2v2 tournaments for SC2 have just recently started, ColCatz & ColDrewbie seem to be dominating that, they are currently calling themselves Team Assassins when playing 2v2.  I will give 2v2 games priority because I find those a lot more interesting than 1v1 games.

I will also cover Drewbie's games a bit because of the connection to Catz.

Whenever possible I will post links to replays of Catz's 2v2 games, will also provide some for 1v1 games but I am going to make an effort to provide links for ALL of his 2v2 replays that are available.

Thanks for visiting my Blog


Day 1 PTSL Season 2 VOD are up now on PTSL youtube channel

PTSL youtube Channel

Classic Catz game, Rain was playing with Catz for these 2v2 because drewbie had just landed in Korea when this tournament started.


Catz is done Catz napping and he is streaming again!

GO Catz!  Stream here or at right of blog for easy clicking.

New Catz vs Trimaster Replays

MLG Dual sight

MLG Shattered Temple

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ColTriMaster is streaming

He is playing random right now, stream here or right side of blog for easy clicking, if you haven't seen his performance on Kings Of Tin you should check it out.  Was pretty awesome!

djWHEAT was also "bringing down the hammer" with speedlings in almost every game.  WHEAT was looking real impressive in this episode of  Kings of Tin.


Coldrewbie update

drewbie tweeted: ok hopefully all of my stream lag issues are fixed, time to grind some games today :D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kings of Tin with ColTriMaster

I missed seeing this live, because of the holiday here in US, thought other people may have missed also.

VOD link part 1 First game djWHEAT has his computer set on low settings

VOD link Part 2

Evil Geniuses vs compLexity Gaming tonight Wed10:00 KST/Tue 18:00 PDT

What: Evil Geniuses MAster Cup Series

Where:  onemoregametv

When:  Wed 10:00 KST/Wed 03:00 CEST/ Tue 9:00pm EDT/Tue 6:00pm

Go compLexity!!!!!  Is Trimaster going to cause Idra rage again?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Kiwikaki vs Satiini

Hard to find game by Kiwi outsid of tournaments, think this is a good game, don't know if it was ladder or not. Link here

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Catz & Rain vs Sheth & Ret day 2 Losers Bracket PTSL Seaon 2

Catz & Rain [Last SEcond Alliance] vs Sheth & Ret [Zerg Brofesters]

Go Catz!! Go Rain.

Spoiler Alert

Last Second Alliance vs StreamCheaters losers bracket Day 2 PTSL Seaon 2

"Last Second Alliance" ie Catz & rain [Zerg Terran] vs Team StreamCheaters [Protoss Terran]

Go Catz!!!

Spoiler alert

Team GAB again in losers Bracket Day 2 PTSL Season 2

Team Guns 'n Broaches [Protoss/Zerg] vs Team Wizzards [Terran/Zerg].

GO GAB!!!!

Spoiler Alert

Catz & Rain Day 2 PTSL Season 2

YES FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO CATZ!!!!!!!!

Catz and Rain, Team Last Second Alliance, on channel 1 for voip.

Catz & Rain [Last Second Alliance] vs Pink fluffy Unicorns

Spoiler Alert

Ret & Sheth vs Strifeco & Aslav Day 2 PTSL Season 2

Go Ret Go Sheth!

Stream here you can listen to either or both of the teams voip in addtion to the casters.

Team GAB Guns 'n Broaches up first today on Season 2 of the PTSL!

Go GAB!  [had to say that] they are facing PowerTech in this series.

Make sure to listen to their skype, they are Team 1 for audio channel in this game, total ROFL.

Spoiler Alert

Just 10 minutes till starts of Day 2 of PTSL!

Brackets here.

Stream here.

Also check out world clocks at top of my blog for easy time zone conversion.  Also have links and info for this event currently in the "Event Corner" at top right of blog just below all the clocks.

EGIdra vs VTavilo Replay & VOD Mech with Nuke transition

Idra vs avilo on Shattered Temple, cool mech build with nukes,
replay is here at  I will be putting this up on right side of blog for easy clicking as well.

Youtube VOD here from The Real NanMan youtube channel, a real impressive up and coming caster, check out his channel.  If you like his casting please subscribe to his channel.  You can see more Idra rage here.

I just stumbled across his site looking for a VOD to go with this replay.  Real impressed with NanMan, will be putting his steam and youtube links up on right side of my blog as well.

I am also curious if this Mech + Nuke build is viable long term vs Zerg. Would like to see some more replays of it, if I find anything interesting I will add another post.

GG avilo!

coldrewbie in GSL Code A qualifier!

Go drewbie!  GL HF!  drewbie drops everywhere!
drewbie tweeted Going to be playing in the GSL Code A qualifier today ; ) wish me luck !

Friday, September 2, 2011

twitter update from Coldrewbie, first day (I think) in Korea

Tweet from drewbie :  My first day of practice from the MVP house today ~~ will make me boot camp for code A qualifiers tomorrow :D 

Starcraft 2 DreamHack Valencia Invitational September 17, 2011

Official thread on Teamliquid & another threadDreamHack Valencia Invitational (or will be casted by TotalBiscuit & Apollo. 

TotalBiscuit (John Bain) & Apollo (Shaun Clark) are my favorite casting team.  I actually like them better than Tasteless & Artosis.  DreamHack and Blizzard invitationals are tied as my favorite 1v1 tournaments.

MLG & other big events are cool, but so much goes on that no one person can see all of it live, sort of too much of a good thing for me.  It is also hard to follow how "my" players do in the big events because so much stuff is happening simultaneously.

I will be posting more about DreamHack Valencia Invitational .

Will also have links and more info on it in the "Event Corner" at right near top of blog after PTSL is over.

PTSL Season 2 2v2 Sheth & Ret are on Team "Zerg Brofestors"

I didn't know Ret and Sheth were playing in this tournament.


Game 1 was easy speedling roach win for Ret & Sheth/

Game 2 the lost to fast blue flame hellions.

Game 3 Was longer, mainly because Ret & Sheth did a lot of damage then macroed up.  They also spelled "T" with lings and "L" with Roaches.

TEAM GAB, Guns 'n Broaches game starting on PTSL 2v2

LOLS.  Destiny and Minigun are Guns 'n Broaches.

Go team GAB!


PTSL Season 2 Catz & Rain playing as Team Last Second Alliance

Catz & Rain playing as Team Last Second Alliance, because drewbie just got to Korea and between fatigue from the long long flight & some logistic issues (time zone, pc's, correct SC2 accounts, etc)

Catz & Rain won 1st round and advance to 2nd round.

Brackets here but not updated yet.

Catz playing 2v2 on PTSL now!

Stream here!

drewbie in Korea so Rain is Catz's partner in this game.

Spoiler warning

PTSL 2v2 Season 2 starts in 60 minutes!

Prodigy Team Star League [PTSL]  Starts 3:00 pm PDT [see clocks above & "Event Corner" at top right just below all the clocks]
I am really looking forward to this, it is a live event stream here, but one really cool feature of the stream is that you can listen to the Skype talk between team memebers.  So you get better idea of what they are trying to do, not to mention at times it is down right funny.

Looks like drewbie won't be playing with Catz, probably because of him going to Korea for few months, I am looking forward to how Team GAB (ie Guns 'n Broaches) Minigun & Destiny, they are so random when I see them practicing 2v2 hard to tell how good they really are if they play serious.  I think if they got serious about it they could give Catz/drewbie a difficult time of it in 2v2.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like drewbie will be playing in this event T_T so might be a while  before we see that match up.

BTW ColTriMaster Ryze & ColCruncher are playing together as team Bedflippers.  LOL.  I don't know how good they are as a Team.  Haven't seen TriMaster Ryze or Cruncher play any 2v2 that I can remember.  [swear earlier it said TriMaster]

Brackets are here.

Invited Teams [From Teamliquid thread with even more info]

Guns 'n Broaches

Last Second Alliance

Team 'Sup Son'

Team EG

Team PowerTech

Pink Fluffy Unicorns

Bed Flippers

Team Vile

Team FXO

Team Reign

Zerg Brofestors

Team Wizards

Open Bracket Winners

Team Techno Vikings

Team Newbcake



PTSL 2v2 Season 2 starts tonight

Yes!  Can't wait for the games tonight.  Been up watching team GAB Guns 'n Broaches (Minigun & Destiny) play in a low prize/no prize 2v2 tournament for practice Thursday night.  They are still going, it has been hilarious.

Points of interest:

  • Starts Friday September 2, 2011 at 3:00 pm [15:00] PST/PDT
  • Day 1-2 Games casted live by Derrick "PsY" Anderson and Michael "Adebisi" Van Driel.
  • Day 3 Games casted live by Alex "HD" Do and Taylor "PainUser" Parsons.
  • Live stream and VODs provided free of charge.
  • Players’ team voice chat / player POV streamed alongside the casted live stream.
  • Stream link & more info 
  • Check "Event Corner" on right side near top of this blog.
  • Also check World Time Zone Clocks at top of this Blog.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Desitiny is streamng Team GAB Guns 'n Broaches

That is Destiny & ColMiniguns 2v2 team check out stream here.  Or I have that link and a lot more on the right side of the blog for easy clicking.

The game they just finished was against "Towlee" & "RatHammie" cute nics.