Friday, October 19, 2012

How and Why to Backup your Computer Data

This VOD covers the importance of computer backups, with basic explanation about how to go about it.

Think about what happened to Mat Honan if you need more motivation!

OWC is a company that focus on upgrading Mac computers, but their products will work with PC's just fine.

Things like SSD, RAM, HDD's, etc.

They provide hardware to improve all of Apple's computers; from Mac Pros (the workstation not the laptop), iMac's, Macbook Pro's (aka MBP, Apple's Laptop), & Macbook Air's (aka MBA, Apple's Netbook or lightweight both physically and performance wise laptop/netbook).

OWC also has excellent installation videos, cause let face it, most Apple Computers are not Noob Friendly for hardware upgrading.

Though you can generally upgrade HDD or SSD on Apple Laptops easily.

Like this SSD upgrade for the 2012 Rentina display MBP

Here is a short, clear, and concise VOD on Backing up with Windows 7

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