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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Star Trek TNG Happy 25th!

Star Trek, The Next Generation, turned 25 yesterday, and I just had to do a post about that.

One Trekkie's post

For me personally what I liked, and still do about TNG, was how the crew of the Enterprise was a Team or Family, they actually cared about each other.

Something an anti social nerd found really appealing, they didn't even make fun of people because they were different, something I think people in general would do well to emulate.

The large Shakespearean influence, that I assume was a result Sir Patrick Stewart's presence, helped a lot as well.

Twitter address of the TNG Cast that I follow, in no particular order:

Edited to add:  I will probably get whole series on Blu-ray when it is available

Nerd Gear: Color Coding Cord Clutter

Neat, simple, and cheap way to Color Code Cords

Bascially you use a cheap Perler bead, cut one side with scissors or razor blade, and then snap it over cord.  Perler website

You can buy a 1000 count bag for a few dollars at Amazon, I am Amazon Associate so I make a tiny bit of money if you buy with my Amazon links, Perler Beads

They also have Glow in the Dark Perler Beads

You could even use multi beads of different colors for some serious Geek Cred, by using Electronic Color Code like used on resisters and such

That would be really cool for some custom computer builds. 

Think I will try these out, my girlfriend does a lot of craft stuff, she said she has used Perler Beads before.

They are intended to make decorations, then you run an Iron over them to heat them enough that they stick together.

So you can easily use up the extras in some creative way.

Could make SC2 critters or vehicles out of them, thinking like a BC or Mothership, not to mention your favorite Comic or Pokeman.

Check out this Pokeman made with Perler Beads on this VOD by zzezah, you can follow zzezah at

Natural Selection 2 (NS2): Guru Beta Tournament

A a Beta Tournament for Natural Selection 2, aka NS2, a very interesting team game, were one person on the team plays as RTS, coordinating the team and deciding on strategy, while the rest of the team plays as FPS.

For more information see NS2's webiste at link above, previous post here with VOD or the Label Natural Selection 2 which will show you all my posts on it, you can even bookmark the Label if you want to check for future posts.

Other Labels can be found at left side of Blog.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Computer Desk of the Week

I am starting new series of blog posts, want to highlight some Computer Desk layouts, Computer Desk of the Week (CDotW).

If you have a setup you would like mentioned Tweet me, @cliffsesport, or post a comment with info.

An impressive build, liquid cooling, custom wood desk, with glass top, so Desk is also the computer case.

Matching Wood Speakers.

Watching Sage Stream

Sage is Korean Protoss player, part of Alt Tab Gaming

Windows 8 Start Button Back!

Saw article here about Stardock's  Beta
Start 8 product that lets you get Start button back on Windows 8, so if your stuck using Win 8 but want Start Button back give them a try.

Stardock has been around for some time, I have never used any of their products, but remember coming across them in research I did trying to accomplish some things on my desktop back when I was using Windows XP.

Windows Blinds is what most people know them for 

I might try that out myself in the future, I have more computers that I use on a daily basis now than I ever did before, I use two most every day now, and am working on getting 3rd computer, Linux on old XP machine, plus budgeting for 2 more laptops/tablets (ether a small 13ish laptop or Surface Pro Tablet,  and a 17" gaming laptop).

Stardock has beta available for Start 8

Start 8 provides other features, such as "Optionally disable the desktop Windows 8 "hot spots"".

Nerd News: Samsung October 24, 2012 Event

No one knows for sure, but rumors are this will be launch announcement/party for Galaxy Note 2 in the US, this is the day before Microsoft event for Windows 8 so I wouldn't be surprised if there is something more or different.

I am hoping for more information on Galaxy Note 2, I am looking to switch to Note 2 from my Blackberry Bold 9780 when my current contract ends near Christmas.

Gonna miss all the hot key shortcuts Blackberry has, but RIM seems like it is in a death spiral, Google on the other hand seems rock solid.

" iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Problems Fixed By Manual DNS Settings"

If your having problems with your new iPhone 5 and slow WiFi connection then try changing your DNS settings, guide here

Nerd News: "Google's Eric Schmidt dances 'Gangnam Style' in Korea "


Nerd News: Totalbiscuit, GennaBain, & HuskySC start team Axiom eSports


Announcement Links:

New Team's Twitter

TL Thread

Exciting news, TB is who I follow to learn more about the business side of Esports, I am really looking forward to seeing what TB, Genna, & Husky do with their new team.

AFAIK only confirmed player for the team so far is @AxCranK

Good Luck Axiom!

HwangSin Streaming

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Wikipedia of the Day "Wikipedia:Database download" for offline access

Random Wikipedia of the Day RWotD

Putting this on my to do list, be nice for laptop or smartphone access when off the net.

Wikipedia actually provide all their content for download, pretty cool.

Elfi Streaming

One of the most creative Protoss IMO.

Desert Stormfront RTS game for Android, Windows, Linux, & Mac

A serious RTS game for Android, also available for Windows, Linus, or Mac, but not iOS.

From reviews I have read this game sounds great for serious RTS gamers, but has steep learning curve, and probably not good choice for total RTS Noobs.

More info available at his forum

The game requires Android OS 2.0 or higher and a minimum screen resolution of 800x480px.

LITE version available for free, links below.

Earlier version of this game, set in Island maps, called Tropical Stormfront is also available.

The Dev's site 

The Game's site

Though I always suggest getting apps from Google's store or Amazon for security (nothing against his or any Dev's storefront, I am just very careful about downloads, YMMV), downloads for Android, Windows, Linux, & Mac are available direct at

Google's Play Store:
Desert Stormfront LITE very LONG LINK
Desert Stormfront 

Tropical Stormfront LITE very LONG LINK
Tropical Stormfront

Amazon, full disclosure, I am Amazon Associate, so if you buy with Amazon link I get a little money, doesn't affect your price:

Desert Stormfront Lite
Desert Stormfront
Tropical Stormfront LITE
Tropical Stormfront

NerdNews: Simply Awesome

Google has gone underwater with Street View, totally cool, though I think maybe they should change the name from Street View for the underwater part ^_^

I think they are calling this Google Maps Ocean.  Though it might be Google Earth Ocean or just Google Ocean?  Not clear to me yet, maybe they haven't really "named" it yet.

If your into Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Eco Tourism, just enjoy Nature or Marine Biology, then I think you will really like this. 

They seem to want you to use Google Earth (you have to download either free or paid version to use Google Earth) to view, but you can use Google Maps (no download, just in browser), in Google Maps it is part of Street View, here is short link to one example with Google Maps

I haven't downloaded Google Earth since I got new hardware, my old machine struggled with it, so  I don't have much experience with Google Earth, I will post more about using Google Earth and the Google Ocean in the near future.

Official Google links:

A Cliff Tangent:

If your not familiar with Google Earth, Tom Bowers covers it in his presentation on Google Hacking, I have blogged links to that on my Cliff's How To Corner

The mp3 and slideshow worth about Google Hacking is well worth your time.

Probably my favorite MP3 of all time, have listened to it over 50 times, some of the material isgetting a little dated, but the concepts and skills he covers are timeless.

If anyone knows of a more recent version of that presentation please post info in comments or Tweet at me @CliffsEsport

[Edited to add VOD & tweak title]

Security & Hacking: Java Vulnerability (another one)

Disable or Remove Java unless you need to use it from Browsers.

AFAIK using Java for things like playing Minecraft should be okay, but at this point I would not have Java running on a browser unless required for work.

In that case I would be making noise about more secure options, and use Steve Gibson's suggestion of having a 2nd Browser that is ONLY used when have to use Java.

For example if you use Chrome as your main Browser, then use Firefox when you have to use Java.

How to Disable Java in your browser:

Windows/Internet Explorer users guide for disabling Java

Mac users guide to disable Java in Chrome, Firefox, & Safari

For Chrome cut and paste about:plugins into the url bar, I couldn't figure out any other way to get there, there probably is but this is easy.

If you have any problems check both links in this section, the browsers work pretty much the same on Windows or Mac.

Or post question in comments and I will try to help.

How To Pair PS3 Playstation 3 Controller to Samsung Galaxy S3

Figured I should provide a link showing how to do this, since I posted about the GameKlip.

Nerd Gear: GameKlip for Android


[Edited to add, check out FAQ for links for checking on compatibility with controller and games that support it]

This looks cool, they have wireless version available for Rooted phones, and wired version for non Rooted Phones.

They briefly demo Minecraft, a game I would use this for, I also like how it seems balanced enough to use as a stand, see Twit.TV review link below for example.

Also as a Trekkie, I notice how it looks a lot like a Starship from Star Trek ^_^

After I get my Galaxy Note 2, assuming they make clip for that phone, I will definitely give this a try.

Reviewed on Twit.TV's All About Android 78: Hardware in the Hizouse

Link takes you to Youtube at the start of their review

Post with How To Youtube on Pairing PS3 Controller with Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MSI Pro Cup

Seen some awesome games already tonight!

My favorite so far was Game 1 Lucifron vs Dimaga, not gonna spoil it cause there should be VOD's made of it!

When:  NOW! 02:30 KST/Tue 19:30 CEST/ Tue 13:30 EDT/Tue 10:30 PDT



Thread: MSI Pro Cup WorldWide - 8 400 €

Security & Hacking: Samsung Touchwiz Vulnerability

Update: Wed 9/26/2012 Quick fix app from Google Play Store, reviews look positive, but I don't have phone to test this myself currently,


Update:  sounds like there are patches out there according to this tweet
"last week's AT&T SGSIII update fixed this issue, the international one has been fixed for some time."
~ @TeamAndIRC

Saw this article on The Verge

Talks about Demo Dirty use of USSD Codes:

 Via Tweet
the USSD code to factory data reset a Galaxy S3 is *2767*3855# can be triggered from browser like this: <frame src="tel:*2767*3855%23" />

From what I understand the problem is Touchwiz, not the underlying or base Android :/

Security & Hacking: Android NFC Hack of Subway Fare Cards

UltraReset - Using a smartphone for free subway rides from Intrepidus Benn on Vimeo.

So I guess their are some problems with security of NFC, shocking ^_^

Monday, September 24, 2012

Nerd Gear: Retro HDD or SSD Enclosure

Lifehacker article this interesting Retro Hardware idea of using old External Floppy Drive as external enclosure for HDD or SSD.

Guide for project, by johnmueller, here

Slick project, I like the cut down floppy disk, nice touch.

Also makes me think that you could, at least with some external floppy drive/HDD combinations maybe fit a full floppy in, would add a nice bit of security by obscurity for some important files.

Seeing an old floppy drive that didn't seem to work wouldn't lead most people to suspect a HDD inside.

Root ToD Streaming

I like watching ToD stream, but I really miss Root Kiwikaki!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Root Catz Streaming

I have to watch Catz's stream with volume turned way down so his singing wakes up doesn't wake up my gf T_T (sorry having problems lately with blogger and it makes typing difficult at time)

(I hate headsets or that would be simple solution)

Security & Hacking: Google Blogger Problems "why is it telling me i have logged out from a different location?"

Update:  9/25/2012 Problem seems to be gone for me, not because of anything on my end AFAIK, so I suspect some Bug on Blogger's end, though I am not sure.

Anyone still having problems?

Found this comment about problem from Google today

Listing all the postings about this problem I can find, for some reason it is a little tricky to get these results to show with Google, plus this might help show how widespread the problem is, and that it clearly seems cross browser, and cross platform.!topic/blogger/Fif5Gu6yjBo!topic/blogger/emM2va3gTZM!topic/blogger/gGC3xlE7Bkw!topic/blogger/AmsOw_E_pao!topic/blogger/FHEJ-vqv-tY!topic/blogger/emM2va3gTZM

Couple of people Trying to be helpful post this link for problems staying logged in, but that is just about cookies.

I am not getting disconnected from other Google services, and not simple cookie issue, I have been using Blogger 7 days a week for over a year.

I am having the same problem, I use a LONG random password (generated by my password keeper + more added no words or patterns), this password is pretty new and not used anywhere else.

Using Firefox with NoScript + Addblocker Plus, some of the time NoScript is saying it is blocking a cross scripting and/or redirect, but not always.

Example it has done this to me more than 6 times while trying to type this short blog post.

I suspect the problem is on Blogger, since I am not having problems with anything else currently.

I am also using Sophos AV software, Firefoxe & etc are up to date, and Java is disabled.

Not running Windows.

So if anyone has any info on Blogger saying you have logged out from another location, please post comment or tweet me.

I will continue to do research.

Benchtest: Does Mountain Lion do graphics faster?

Bench test of a Macbook Pro Retina display with Lion and Mountain Lion.

They also test two different Mac Pros (the workstation not the Macbook Pro laptop).

Suppy Streaming

Superiorwolf is his TL name in case you didn't know.

Great Blog Post from Evil Brain Jono: Your website is not "Zen"

Excellent Blog post, short elegant, poignant, pithy, perhaps even snarky.

If you read his post, note his question about portrayal of religious figures and the question of appropriateness in advertising.

I also like his illustration of Tech support that was truly Zen (snippet):
"No, seriously, I really need to get in here and check my payment status."
"Your suffering comes from your desire for a state of logged-in-ness, but all binary distinctions are illusion; in reality there is no difference between logged in and logged out."

Cool, pretty, Sad

Via Schneier's Blog

If your not familiar with Bruce Schneier's blog you should check it out, he is a gosu Security & Crypto person, your probably familiar with Truecrypt that he, and others, have worked on.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

DreamHack Eizo Open at Valencia

Seems like there is Dreamhack every weekend ^_^

When: 18:00 KST/11:00 CEST/05:00 EDT/02:00 PDT



More Info:

TL thread: DreamHack EIZO Open: Valencia

Friday, September 21, 2012

Rooterdam Streaming HOTS

Still waiting for him to change his name to Rooterdam now that he is on Root, he tweets that way once in while.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PSA Security & Hacking: Virgin Mobile forces users to 6 digit numerical password

This story is all over the web today, short version, it is ridiculously easy to crack.

Other thing, though I haven't seen this posted, is since they require 6 digit number only, very good chance the "passwords" are not stored securely either.

If you using best practices, no real reason to limit password length, and 6 digit passwords, numbers only(!) no letters or characters, are about as secure as lock on bathroom stall.

I am basing the storage is not done well on the fact that a 6 digit password is clear sign of bad security planning, so I figure rest of the security connected to this would be poorly designed and/or executed.

Security & Hacking: "Over 50% of Android Devices are Vulnerable"

Saw this article on Sophos Naked Security blog

That is about this post from Duo Security (I have never heard of them before, so don't know yet how credible they are), that claims that over 50% of the people that have downloaded their Xray app, Xray scans for known security holes in Android, have unpatched vulnerabilities.

I don't have any way to verify this currently, would appreciate any info that could support or disprove their assertion.

I know their are problems with official updates to Android, and Jelly Bean is better, Duo also has this article outlining some of the security benefits of Jelly Bean, and also list of Security Mitigations in previous versions of Android.

I like Samsung's Galaxy S3 and Note, I am planning on getting a Galaxy Note 2 this Xmas if possible, my girlfriend needs new phone more than me, but for her and most non Nerds I usually recommend iPhones.

Because of patch issues, iOS certainly has unpatched vulnerabilities, but you don't have to be skilled or comfortable with electronics & computers to get upgrades when they are available for iPhone.

Security & Hacking: "ID Theft Service Tied to Payday Loan Sites"

Article at

Everyone who isn't fully aware of the sad, frightening realities of Hacking, should really read Brian Krebs' article linked above, for those that don't know Brian was a reporter for The Washington Post for several years, he knows his topic very well.

This reminds me of the Mat Honan hack or Social Engineering attack that happen not that long ago, I hope a lot of people read Brian Krebs' article, and start making noise to their Banks, Schools, Legislators, etc.

If your not familiar with Mat Honan case see Mat Honan Targeted, and click this link for response by Apple & Amazon.

There really isn't any information about you a motivated criminal Hacker can't find out, so those elements should not be used to give control of accounts to someone over the phone or net.

There is no perfect solution yet that I am aware of, best thing for institutions like banks, that I know, is to make people come in to a Brick & Mortar location, and provide current picture ID from Government/Military, not just asking them over phone or Net for SSN or Mother's Maiden name.

For more blog posts on similar topics, click either label Security or Hacking, those labels can be found in Label cloud at left side of blog.

Labels can also be found at bottom left of every post.

Stay Safe,


Root Slush streaming HOTS

Monday, September 17, 2012

Nerd Gear: Sensor Drone turn your Android, iPhone, or iPod Touch into an even more Powerful Tool!

I really like this, it is on my must buy list!

See or for more information.

Detailed specs (PDF)

I have bad Asthma/Allergies, this will really help with some air quality issues for me. 

Both for warning when my local air quality is bad, Ozone detection/warning will be very useful for my Asthma issues, and also to help me better determine just what triggers are a problem.

Also as a Star Trek fan, TNG is my favorite, this will let you turn a Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Nexus 7, iPod Touch, or other iOS device into something like a real Tricorder.

Cut and Paste of Features from

Included Sensors/Features

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random Wikipedia of the Day (RWotD): Steam Car, not just a Cyberpunk theme

I am labeling this a Random Wikipedia of the Day (RWotD), though it isn't really random for me, I have been interested in Steam powered Cars for a long time.

I also know Bruce Bethke who you could argue created Cyberpunk.  If your into Cyber punk you should read his comments on it

Though I don't think we ever talked about Cyberpunk, we talked more about Technical Writing, since we both have done that, and his experiences working with Hollywood for a book tie in with a movie.

Since this is a RWotD post might as well add Bruce's Wikipedia link 

Course if Bruce reads this he will probably be going who the heck is Cliff, if he remembers me, we only talked at couple of parties thrown by mutual friend, he knows me by my real name or my other nick name ^_^

Now back to steam powered cars.

Steam, aka External Combustion Engine ECE for short, cause the combustion/burning occurs on the "outside" of the actual engine (Pistons or Turbine) vs Internal Combustion Engines, ICE for short, like the more familiar Gas/Petrol & Diesel engines, where the combustion/burning occurs inside the pistons provides some real benefits.

Steam engines allows for pretty easy multifuel use, you can use Propane, Petrol, Diesel, Hydrogen, etc. and can switch between those fuels easily.

Because the fuel is just used to heat the water, you can also use many different types of fuels, a Steam Engine's Boiler is somewhat like a hot water heater or Teapot, only higher temperature.

The tea pot or Boiler doesn't care if you use a Gas,  Electricity, Propane, Charcoal, or Alcohol.

Fact is you can even use the heat from radioactive decay for steam generation, that is actually how Nuclear Power Plants work to make electricity.

Downsides to Steam power is that you can't just turn them on and go, as general rule, just like a teapot you need to wait a little while for the water to heat up enough to produce steam before you can move.

But a Steam Electric Hybrid would solve that problem easily!

The Battery would provide power to move right away, while the Boiler builds up Steam.

Since it would be trivially easy to make a dual fuel Steam engine (just put in two separate burners & fuel tanks), this type of car would also allow for a painless transition AWAY from Oil based fuels.

One burner & fuel tank could be made to use Diesel or Gasoline,  while the second burner & dank could use a cleaner and/or more renewable fuel like Wood Pellets or Bio Mass Pellets for now, perhaps Hydrogen later.

That would allow you to use Green Fuel as much as possible, while still being able to refuel with normal Gas/Petro/Diesel if needed!

While your at it, why not add TEG (Thermal Electrical Generation) which is something like a high output thermocouple, to the exhaust or boiler for a bit more efficiency and electricity?

If you think TEG looks neat, you can buy a BioLite CampStove or HomeStove and start charging your iPod, iPhone, or Android device with fire.

Blizzard WCS Europe Finals - Hosted by Dreamhack


Cute & Paste below from

Dates: 15-16 september

Location: Ericsson Globe

Ticket options:
2-day ticket Stand level/Läktare – 295 SEK + Ticnet booking fee (25 SEK)
2-day ticket Stalls/Parkett – 345 SEK + Ticnet booking fee (30 SEK)

Tickets: (direct link)

Travel & Accommodation: Travel guide here


Live stream: &

Twitter: Use the tag #SC2WCS & follow @DreamHack

Instagram: @DreamHackfestival

Facebook: /DreamHackfestival

Facebook Event: Join


Flickr: /DreamHack

Pinterest: /DreamHack

Check in: Foursquare

Friday, September 14, 2012

CSL Showmatch: UC Berkeley vs. Seoul National University Bo9 All-Kill Showmatch ft. EGSuppy vs. TSL_Polt


Starting any minute now.

For more information see or snippet below from that link:

Friday, September 14th at 8pm PST for the University of California Berkeley vs Seoul National University showmatch


Thread: [CSL] UC Berkeley vs Seoul National University

compLexity QXC & Trimaster streaming practice

ATM they are playing vs each other, couple games already, I really like being able to see streams from both players, provides lot more insight for me.

Crota's Thoughts on Patch Notes for Week 2 HotS

Crota's review and comments on Patch Notes for Week 2 HoTS, you can follow him at his Youtube Channel

Thoughts & Observations on Apple's new iPhone 5, iPod Touch, & iPod Nano

I am reserving judgement on the iPhone 5, till I see some details and/or bench marks on the new CPU & GPU.

I still think iPhone 4S is a great phone if you don't want a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note (I plan to get a Note 2 eventually, but we are looking at iPhone 4S or 5 for my girlfriend).

I think the interesting part of the announcements were the iPod Touch & iPod Nano.

This is a good link to see relative specs between iPods

If your concerned about security the new iPod Touch should be a big step up from previous generation, since it has a A5 series chip, see for more details.

It also has better (decent!) camera now, and if I understand correctly same display as iPhone 5, previous gen had good display, but it didn't have as good of viewing angles & etc as the iPhones.

AnandTech has short initial impression up

They also cover the new iPod Nano, which Leo Laporte said, seems inspired by the HD Zune, which is a device he liked, link to MacBreak Weekly 316 where Leo starts talking about the iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano has built in Pedometer & Bluetooth, which can useful for workouts.

It is also much lighter than a Phone or Touch, which can make a big difference for joggers & runners, that want music or podcast for workouts.

I know before my knees and ankles stopped my running workouts I would often carry just house key in shoe or sock when running outside, because I didn't like how even the little bit of weight from house key felt when running anywhere else.

Random Wikipedia of the Day: Fortified Wine

Random Wikipedia of the Day (RWotD) Fortified Wine, I always thought they meant they added something that either had nutritional value (ie Fruit Juice) or that people thought added nutritional value (ie a traditional supplement).

But what they are Fortifying with is Distilled Spirit, originally to reserve it, from what I understand.

My original misinformed understanding is closer to Mulled Wine

So there you go, trivia for your next cocktail party, if you don't know much about alcohol, I certainly don't  ^_^

I prefer a well aged Baccus Black, what characters in Keith Laumer's Retief series called aged Pepsi, to most alcohol.

Or even better Amber Baccus, ie Mountain Dew my own homage to Keith Laumer.

For more on Keith Laumer

His most well know series were Bolo & Retief, I think there are some board games based on the Bolo series out there, he also wrote some Comics/Graphic Novels.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Security & Hacking: Blackhole Exploit Kit update Version 2.0

Article at Ars

Related links &

I would like to think average people will pay more attention to patching and other basic security issues if they had any idea about the powerful attacking tools available today, many of which really don't require a lot of skill or knowledge to utilize.

Unfortunately I know better, on the other hand I often think about how reality is starting to mimic games like Shadowrun minus the magic.

Okay I exaggerate a little, but I am a  gamer ^_^

For more on Shadowrun

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DayZ Sacriel's latest VOD


Lingor Island
DayZ cast by Sacriel  ||

Apple's September 2012 Event

Well in case you missed the rumors and news, Apple has a news event scheduled for tomorrow, September 12, 2012 at 1:00PM EDT/12:00 CDT/10:00AM PDT it is widely expected to announce a new iPhone 5 and iPod Touch, perhaps a new iPad Mini and more.

As usual for these types of events, I will be following several live blogs, but I plan to have the stream up, so I can watch Leo Laporte, Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, and Iyaz Akhtar.

For this event Leo is doing something new, in his words,
"Since Apple doesn't stream its events, puppeteer Brian Hogg will be reenacting portions of Apple's presentation with a Tim Cook puppet. Really."
 I am sure Apple will just love that!

Related Links:

Rotterdam streaming

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Security & Hacking: Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 has vulnerable Flash unpatchable via Adobe

Story at

User can't patch via Adobe, have to wait till Microsoft pushes update from what I understand.

Is it just me, or do some of these company's seem to forget lessons about security they have already learned?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nerd News: Open Source Software thanks to Netflix

Full story at Ars

Short version, the product called Eureka, "fills a gap in Amazon Web Services by providing load balancing and failover for middle-tier servers."

Nice to see that at least some big companies believe in Open Source.

Where to sell old cell phone?

Article here suggests Amazon followed by Apple as best places to get rid of iPhone, if your okay with getting credit from the respective companies instead of cash.

That article is focused on iPhones, wondering if any of you have suggestions for Android phones?

Either for selling or for repurposing/reusing when you upgrade?

I use Amazon a lot, so I would probably go that route myself, but I usually hang on to my old smart phones.

Only cell phone I don't still have was my very first one, with AT&T, was so mad at them that I spent few weeks tearing it apart and trashing it after I got a Verizon phone.

Still have  my first Verizon flip LG phone, play the games on it occasionally, and use it as a timer for cooking and laundry.

I also took it with me when I went to Mayo Clinic for some procedures, any cell phone will work to call 911 in the USA even if it isn't under contract, it has couple of games on it, so I had something to occupy me if I needed it, and emergency phone (with some phone numbers in address book).

Plus it was old, didn't care if it got lost, stolen, or damaged.

Using T mobile Blackberry now, Bold 9780, but will be switching from Blackberry with next upgrade, because  Blackberry is clearly in a death spiral.

Bums me out, I really like the security features and BBM (Blackberry messenger) of the Blackberry.

I also really like the keyboard & shortcuts the physical buttons provide, Steve Gibson loves his Blackberry as well, so I am not the only Nerd that <3 Blackberry.

I think lot of people never really learn all the shortcuts available with the physical buttons on Blackberry, I don't think I know more than a third or so the shortcuts, I do know for lot of the blog related things I do with Twitter and RSS feeds, the shortcuts are about 3 times faster for me than touchscreen.

We are getting gf iPhone for Xmas, & I was planning on getting iPod Touch before I lost hope in Blackberry.

Now I'm thinking I will probably get iPhone after gf does, maybe iPhone 4S for cheap, then get Galaxy Note II with a prepay plan, the Note 1 & 2 fit my larger than normal smart phone needs better than tablets.

If I go iPhone 4S with pre pay plan like Straight Talk, I could switch SIM card between phones as needed/wanted, would be paying about half what I do now for my monthly phone bill.

Natural Selection 2 can preorder now on Steam

Official announcement and details at

Natural Selection 2 (NS2) is a team game with one player on each team as "leader" with RTS role, while rest of the team plays FPS.

Currently in Beta, a game I am real interested in, since it combines strategy & tactics in far more complex ways than any other games of which I am aware.

For more info see link at top or earlier post of my with VOD (trailer)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DayZ: "Clearing the border" ~Sacriel

Latest DayZ VOD from Sacriel, I like the brief recap/explanation at the very end.

Sacriel mentions he has been real sick, why we haven't seen much from him recently, but he does have next week off from work, so hopefully we will get to see a lot of DayZ coverage from him.

If you like him and don't yet follow him, please follow or subscribe to his Youtube channel or Twitter | @Sacriel42