Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Security & Hacking: " Scrap Value of a Hacked PC"


EXCELLENT Article with clear picture showing what Hackers gain from hacking a computer, even a simple one just used for web surfing and email!

Brian Kreb's security blog is one of my favorite!

Think this article illustrates why, lot of computer people understand computer security, but I know as a writer just how hard it can be to communicate concepts at times.

This illustration is brilliant!

It really is an outline in visual form:
  1. Web Server
  2. E Mail Attacks
  3. Virtual Goods
  4. Reputation Hijacking
  5. Bot Activity
  6. Account Credentials
  7. Financial Credentials
  8. Hostage Attacks
Followed by simple details so non computer security geeks will understand that "Reputation Hijacking" means they take control of your Facebook/Twitter/etc.

Learned about a new Bot myself today from this artical, the CAPTCHA Solving Zombie, Krebs' answered question about that in the comments with this link http://www.inwyrd.com/blog/2010/03/hijacking-koobfaces-captcha-solver/

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