Sunday, July 31, 2011

MLG Anaheim DongRaeGu vs MVP

Yes!  Finally, about an hour later than schedule.

Go DRG!!!

Game 1 MVP opened with orange flame heavy hellion harass & built an early 3rd CC/Orbital in his main that DRG was unable to scout.  Which led to MVP getting his 3rd up much faster than DRG, MVP was able to force a cancel on DRG's 3rg also.

DRG went Muta ling, bling, with Infestor for late mid game.  But was just to far behind in total economy IMVHO.

MVP takes Game 1

Game 2 MVP opens orange flame hellions, DRG goes for fast lair.

First Hellion push with 6 hellions is crushed, killing 4 and a 5th almost killed.

MVP has 2 Thors at a time making, so DRG's quick Mutas are unable to do heavy damage in their first attack.

DRG techs to Roachs with speed & attack upgrade to deal with Roaches.

MVP pushes withh Hellion + 6 Thors around 13:00, DRG pushes with Roach & Muta, becomes base race.  MVP takes out the Roach Warren when he kills the natural.  DRG forces MVP to lift his Orbitals & fly them elsewhere.

MVP moves into Main and starts focusing Hatches down, there is a proxy in the main, he doesn't realize that 6+ roaches had been started there before roach warren killed.

DRG is able to trap Thors between hatching roaches and roaches returning from attack.

MVP is forced to GG.

Game 3 looks to me like MVP simply outplayed DRG.  He didn't leave any weakness for DRG to exploit and takes the win.

MVP 2-1 over DRG

MLG Anaheim Ret vs Socke

Go Ret!

This is an extended series, Ret only needs two wins, but Socke needs 3 wins because Ret beat him earlier in the tournament.

Game 1 Socke opens with Nexus first, Ret responds with a Catz like 2nd at the gold with the rocks still up.  Ret's Macro just goes completely unchecked from there.

Game 2  Wow crazy bad and forth, Socke takes it in the end.

Game 3  For the Swarm!  Ret  takes game 3 easily. 

MLG Anaheim next two matchups


Blue Stream Boxer vs Rain at 12:00pm PDT Bo3

Blue Stream: MVP vs DongRaeGu at 1:00 pm PDT Bo3

Both of these are still Best of 3

Red Stream actual stream is Saying Ret vs Socke next

Both Steams will have MVP vs DRG

MLG Anaheim Schedule

Today since MLG site sucks here is Teamliquid with the info.

Red Stream Schedule

Blue Stream Schedule

TLO vs Sheth has started!

MLG Anaheim WhiteRa vs Select

Go WhiteRa!!!

Wow, Select is looking strong in Game 1, he took an early hidden expansion.  Which seemed to throw off WhiteRa's planning a bit.

Select started doing drops, and managed to take out Twilight Council early on, WhiteRa didn't bother to remake it.  Choosing to rely on Zealot, Archon, Sentry while teching to Colossus.

In first real engagement Select got off some killer EMP's plus WhiteRa's army was to spread out trying to avoid EMP, so Select won that engagement and was able to move remmnents of his main army into WhiteRa's base, snipped Robo right before Colossus popped & also got first Colossus that popped from other Robo.  WhiteRa forced to GG.

Game 2, WhiteRa looking simply impressive.  Select starts out with lot of very early harassement.  Select does a gas steal & drops an Ebay in WhiteRa's natural.

Whitera response with a quick double expansion, very Zerg like, follows it with Robo and Obs first.  Then he makes Warp Prism while researching charge and getting Templar Archieves.  Loads Prism with zealots, and keep Obs on Selects front ramp so he can see when the army moves out.

When Select moves out WhiteRa Backstabs, means counterattack when oppoenent moves out, very effective because that is when your enemy is least able to defend.

Select loses half his army attacking WhiteRa's 3rd, army was split in half with perfect forcefields.

Lot of battles of maneuver while WhiteRa drops at every opportunity, until Ra gets perfect mousetrap on Select's army near Select's third.  Everything pretty much over then, WhiteRa takes down Natural also.  Though Ra over commits on the ramp into the main.  So game drags out for a little while longer but WhiteRa has 3 bases to 1.  WhiteRA wins Game 2.

Game 3, WhiteRa starts out very strong, takes his gold at about 7:55 mark for a very quick 3rd, then follows up with good attack when Select is trying to take his Natural.  WhiteRa delays Select's natural for a little bit, which is huge considering that Ra had a gold going up for 3rd before SElect took Natural!

Select gets a awesome snipe of Twilight Council just a second or two before charge finishes.  Which gives him huge advantage for the next several minutes.  Select capitalizes on on that advantage and forces engagement with WitheRa's main army, kills all the slow 'lots.

Snipes the gold Base, and attacks the Natural just before the first Colossus pops, and is able to focus down the Colossus immediately.  WhiteRa is forced to GG, very mannered with GG WP.

Select responds very mannered also.

MLG Anaheim Whitra vs Drewbie

YES!  I can't pick between them, who wants WhiteRa to lose?  But I am a Catz/Drewbie fan, maybe it will end in a draw.

WhiteRa takes Game 1 they both moved out at roughly the same time for first big push.  But WhiteRa had moved out just few seconds earlier, so WhiteRa army is much closer to Drewbie's base when the two armies cross paths out of sight of each other.  Since both armies missed each other, WhiteRa is able to get into Drewbie's main base with his gateway army, including sentries.  So WhiteRa can forcefield the ramp to keep Drebie's army out if needed.

Fortunately for Drewbie, he had medivacs.  So he tried elevatoring back into the base, so forcefields wouldn't block or cut his army in half, but ended up taking to much damage & that led to him losing the game.

Game 2 WhiteRa gets 10 gates, + couple of obs and a warp prism.  Using an Archon & Chargelot Army.  Adds a 11th gate while moving out his ground army.

Whitera Drops the main with pair of Archons on the mineral line, when Drewbie pulls his army to deal with the drop WhiteRa hits the front with Chargelots & 4 Archons. 

Drewbie takes out Warp Prism and both Archons it dropped, and defends the attack on the front no problem.  WhiteRa starts Dark Shrine towards end of his attack on Drewbie's front.

Second clash happens a bit outside Drewbie's main, his Ghosts only manage to hit Zealots with EMP, Archons basically untouched.  WhiteRA has 6+ Archons and tons of Zealots.

During the battle WhiteRa drops single zealot, he likes to hit mineral lines with one or two zealots anytime he can during a fight, he just sends them on move command to mineral line or drops them, this time I believe he dropped one zealot to cover the attacks of the DT's  he warped in Drewbie's main.

Drewbie GG

WhiteRa takes it 2-0, knocking Drewbie out of MLG Anaheim.

MLG Anaheim Catz picture by AskJoshy

Picture and Caption from AskJoshy

CatZ and Ryze watch as CrunCher does battle with the Emperor

Saturday, July 30, 2011

MLG Anaheim Ret vs Rain

Rain wins Game 1

Ret wins game 2, had 42 mutalisks in the end game!

Ret loses game 3, was a very hard fought game. But Rain was abusing the power of Blue Flame Hellions. Almost 40 drones were killed in the early game.

MLG Anaheim Ret vs MMA

MMA won last MLG

Ret is currently undefeated. Hasb't lost a single game at MLG Anaheim.

I am a Ret fanboy. Go Ret!!!!!

Ret looses his first game at MLG Anaheim to MMA.

Ret lost game 2 to MMA.

MLG Anaheim Current Pools

Latest news from MLG website [that I can find anyway, hate their website]

The Pools are now:

Pool A: Naniwa, Haypro, Huk, TLO, DRG, Tyler

Pool B: Idra, InControl, Sjow, Sheth, Boxer, Cruncher

Pool C: MMA, Slush, Socke, Ret, Drewbie, Rain

Pool D: Kiwikaki, Moonan, Select, Mvp, Machine, Ganzi

MLG Anaheim ColCatz results

Catz lost in 4th round 0-2 to Gatored (P)

Gatored (P) was knocked out in the next round by ColCruncher (P)

I will be putting up links to replays and VODs as soon as I can find them.

Pretty bummed about Catz getting knocked out.

But Drewbie & Cruncher are still in it for Complexity!

MLG Anaheim ColTriMaster results

Trimaster lost in 5th round 1-2 to Oz (P)

Oz (P) was knocked out in next round by Rain (T)

MLG Anaheim Spanishiwa results

Spanishiwa was knocked out in 2nd round 0-2 by syckness (Z)

MLG Anaheim Idra vs Cruncher

Go Cruncher!!!

Cruncher looses 0-2 to Idra

Game 1 was winnable, Cruncher did stargate opening with a Voidray and Phoenixes. Almost killed the Spawning Pool with his Voidray.

That could have easily let Cruncher win. Heck with Idra he might even have rage quit if that had happened.

MLG Anaheim Kiwikaki vs Moonan

Yes finally!!!!

Go Kiwi!!!!!!!

Kiwikaki for the Win!  2-1

Dude about Game 3, remember what day 9 says, Just go kill em! :D

MLG Anaheim Incontrol vs Boxer funny

Game 1 Incontrol opens with comment:  "my name is Inigo Montoya you killed my Idra, prepare to die"


Boxer stomps Incontrol, Geoff GG @ 10:12  Day9 quipped near the end of Game 1 that he didn't think Incontrol's name was "Inigo Montoya".

Game 2 early push by Boxer does more damage than it should have because Incontrol was trying to macro to hard.  That put Incontrol  behind early on, and he stayed behind, tried DT like he always does when he gets behind.  But Boxer was very well prepared for DT's and they did no damage.

Boxer did couple of simultaneous drops at main & natural, then followed up with nuke on the natural while attacking the front.  Incontrol GG.

Boxer takes the win with an easy 2-0

Jinro vs Choya

MLG Anaheim

Missed first half of game 1, but the end was great.  Jinro got great offensive nuke down on a base, killing all the probes there.  Then finishes the game with a defensive nuke, taking out Choya's army.

Game 2, really impressive quick Voidray plus Stalkers on Metalopolis.  Choya's execution was perfect, he kept the voidray alive for very long time, took down at least 3 depots plus many SCV's.

Choya also had Phoenix out at his main in time to shut down Jinro's counterattack with a Banshee.  By the time Jinro managed to take out voidray, Choya had almost twice the food count & an expo at the natural.

Jinro was massing for an all in, but Choya hit his base with a flock of Phoenix and Jinro GG.

Game 3, Choya does DT rush and Jinro had no engineering bay & just dropped mule before DT's entered his base.  Jinro GG

Choya takes it 2-1

MLG Anaheim 2011: AskJoshy interviews ColDrewbie

AskJoshy interviewing Drewbie before MLG starts.

ColCatz & AskJoshy VOD interview Blizzard

I found this interesting, they talk little bit about Heart of the Swarm. Catz tells them to buff spinecrawlers.

MLG FnaticRain vs qxc on both streams

It's started.

MLG Anaheim time!

I have a clock on left near top of the blog showing current time in Anaheim, to make it easier to know when stuff is going to happen.

The clock will keep time unless you have NOscript or similar blocking it from running, in that case either allow "timeanddate" com or refresh page to update clock.

MLG Anaheim Saturday starts Streaming 11:00 AM PDT Open Winners Round 5

Can't wait. 

Have to say good job to MLG, stream is much much better now than it ever used to be for MLG.

MLG Anaheim Kiwikaki vs Select

Kiwikaki wins 2-0

MLG Anaheim: DRG vs Huk

This should be good game. Hope I can stay awake, I also want to see Kiwikaki play after this series. If I stay awake. !7 hours awake and counting.

Trying to follow all of the Complexity players, and DRG's team MVP has some kind of partnership with Complexity.

Yeah DRG 2-1 over Huk!

Friday, July 29, 2011

MLG Anaheim MMA vs Slush!

 Game 1 Slush did delayed gas, a bit like Spanishiwa's "Icefisher Build", but had very well timed build.  He did double Roach Warren, so he could research Roach Speed,Tunneling Claws, & Burrow all at once.  Timed to finish all at same time.

So he had a wicked timing attack with Roaches, snuck them into the main, while building his 3rd.

Only problem was MMA dropped Blueflame hellions in his base at same time as roaches were sneaking into the Terran base.  Since Slush had timed his 3rd base to be covered by this timing attack he didn't have anything for defense except Queen.

MMA killed 37 drones even though Slush was doing good micro with them, Slush burrowed first group of drones being attacked & MMA scaned to kill them!

Game 2 ended much faster, Blueflame + marine drop at main with Blue flame hellions at the natural at the same time, killed almost all the drones.  Slush was very mannered "GG WP" !

Hope Slush can figure out how to deal with this style of pressure before tomorrow's games because he will probably see more of it this weekend.

MLG DongRaeGu (Z) vs Naniwa (P)! WOW

Game 1 made me think I was watching Catz play, was on Metalopolis and Naniwa denies expo so DRG takes gold just like Catz likes to do.

Looked like Naniwa was bit flustered by it, he tried a 4 gate but his timing was off and he GG quickly.  Not exactly like Idra, but I'm not sure the game was over.

Game 2 was REALLY GOOD, Naniwa opens with voidray + phoenix harass, and was doing a lot of damage.  At one point he had lost one unit and had doen ~1450 worth of damage.

But DRG kept defending with Queens + spore crawlers.  Mainly lost queens & spores and couple of extractors.  Started massing lings & teching to banelings + drop & speed for Ovies.

Then just attacks and takes down Naniwa's natural, Naniwa had Colossus and small gateway army, but the airforce was out of position still attacking DRG's bases.  Lings and banelings took out all the gateway units and then DRG ran his empty Ovies at the Main mineral line while his massed lings took down tha natural.

Really good play on both sides.  I will be getting that replay downloaded on my machine!

TCO - Twin Cities Open 2nd 1v1 tournament (2 separate tournament brackets: bronze-plat and diamond-masters)

Small SC2 tournament in MN.  Info here.

With Bronze league so any can play with good chance of placing.

MLG up next: ColDrewbie vs MMA & Idra vs Boxer!

Drewbie vs MMA on Blue stream.  Idra vs Boxer on Red stream.

Link for Game1 MMA vs Drewbie

Go Drewbie!!!

I'm rooting for Boxer becuase I don't like Idra!

Probably be the most interesting games to me tonight, I don't think I will be able to stay awake to watch Kiwikaki play tonight, I've already been up for 14 hours & he doesn't play for another 5 or so hours.

Results will be posted below the pagebreak

MLG Next games: Blue Stream DongRaeGu vs TLO & Red Stream Naniwa vs. Huk

Links above or on right side of the blog.

Results below page break

Thursday, July 28, 2011

ColDrewbie vs MYMCloud on IGN Proleague

Streaming now link here.

Go Drewbie!!!!

Spoiler below break  One game of the series was REALLY impressive!

MLG Anaheim!

Link Here to main MLG Anaheim post, list of links for all stream, schedule, brackets, etc.

Can't wait!  I will be blogging about the whole weekend, unless the storms forecast for my area take out power or something like that.

I will focus on Catz & rest of Complexity, but will cover other highlights.

Really looking forward to how ColTriMaster & Spanishiwa do, AFAIK it is the first big tournament for both of them.

I have a Twitter Box at bottom of my Blog, show current tweets about MLG Anaheim, also has AskJoshy tweets, because he is usually on top of stuff at SC2 events.  So if stream goes down or something he usually tweets about it.  Or other items of note.

I also have post from few days ago link here with all kinds of links for MLG Anaheim.

Go Catz!!!!!!!!!

ColCatz Playlist

[ drewbie's playlist can be found here]

Catz Playlist

I saw someone hit my blog looking for this so here it is, if you have problems with the above here is the link.

Lot more information below the break, including text list & partial playlist link on grooveshark so you can click and start listening to Catz music right away.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Showmatch ColCatz vs sixjaxDDE

Teamliquid thread

Teamliquid Event info

This should be stream link if not I will fix it when event starts.

Go Catz!! 

Was wondering why no streaming from Catz yesterday.  This is probably why.

Shoutcraft Invitational # 2 casted by TotalBiscuit and d.Apollo

Shoutcraft Invitational # 2


Teamliquid info

Team Liquid Stream

Direct Stream

An Office for Captain Jack Sparrow

I think Catz needs to get a house set up like this for his SC2 practice, would also make awesome place for small tournaments.

Complexity News

"compLexity Gaming is thrilled to announce our latest gaming division, our third under the StarCraft 2 banner. Joining coL.SC2 and coL.Academy is a two man squad called coL.MVP which is a joint venture partnership with Team MVP of Korea. Please welcome Park Soo Ho (“DongRaeGu”) and Jung Min Soo (“Genius”) to the compLexity Family."

~Complexity Press release

Thursday, July 21, 2011

MLG Anaheim July 29, 2011- July 31,2011 Info, RSS feeds, stream links, replay links

MLG tends to have a horrible webpage UI, so I will be putting up links for most everything I can think of or find here, all in one location, so it is easier to find.

Link to all MLG VODs

MLG Open Bracket from Teamliquid site

Teamliquid Twitter feed for MLG

MLG Pools from Teamliquid

MLG Red Stream Direct

MLG Blue Stream Direct

Leader Boards [can't find brackets yet]

General Info

Some Schedule information

All Players

MLG Forums

More Schedule information

Red Stream Link  [Teamliquid portal]

Blue Stream Link [Teamliquid portal]

Replay Link [will be up ASAP]

I can put World Clock gadget up here for any time zone, if you want one just ask.  Makes it a lot easier to catch matches you really want to see.

I will add links to replays ASAP.

I added a twitter gadget to bottom of this blog for the event, will show tweets related to the event.  Also helps to figure what is going on when MLG has a technical problem which they usually do.

I am Rooting for ColCatz & the rest of Complexity.

Go Catz!!  Go Complexity!

Go ColTrimaster!  Think this is his first big tournament.  Catz recruited him for Complexity.


I am also a big Kiwikaki fan.  Go Kiwikaki!!
Is Kiwi playing?  I didn't see his name in the list?

Catz is going to do commentary tonight, like free lessons!

Go Catz!  Link to stream.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prodigy Team Star League (PTSL) 2v2 tournament league

Prodigy Team Star League aka PTSL is so far the only 2v2 tournament league around. If you haven't seen these games I really encourage you to take a look.

This Blog focuses on ColCatz & his 2v2 play, so the games Catz & drewbie play here will get a lot of my attention.

A lot of really good VODs at PTSL:  ProdigyTSL's Channel check them out.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Catz's music: Food for the Soul?

Anyone who watches Catz's stream for any length of time will realize a couple of things in short order.  One, Catz's likes to sing!  The other is "The Lonely Island" is his favorite music to listen to at the moment.

One warning, if you click on the links, some of the lyrics are explicit.  I personally find them funny.  But some people may be offended.

Here is Official youtube Channel for "The Lonely Island".  Enjoy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Disabled Gamers Division Showmatch

Disabled Gamers Division Showmatch

A show match between two disabled gamer for fifty dollars. The goals of this event is to potentially find more disabled gamers and expose the new new disabled gamers division of vVv. We are going to be holding it on the official vVvgaming stream and the crew will be casting the event live. Players will be vVvSpectral and Randomranger. Both Quadriplegics who can't use their fingers. It should be good fun. 


One thing about Esports, is there are fewer physical barriers to entry IMO.  Encourage everyone to support this by watching the stream, the more demand there is the more money they will have to support it.

Day 1 of the IGN Pro League 2 - Winner's Round 1

STREAM is UP gogo, they started from before stream went down.

According to Twitter they are getting hacked, that is why the stream is down.  Justin TV is working with them to lock the hacker out.  Should be back up, hopefully soon.

Day 1 of the IGN Pro League 2 - Winner's Round 1

IdrA vs Drewbie
Minigun vs DieStar
mOoNan vs FuRy
ViBE vs Tarson

STREAM on Teamliquid

Justin TV Stream

The Catz of Zerg is streaming gogogo

Destiny vs Minigun pro Showmatch! BO5 + community BO3 in depth zerg analysis by CatZ and Kyle

Show match is over already, I believe Minigun took it 3-0, sorry I sleep gamer hours.

Stream is here.

Looks like I missed everything but the very end, Catz was streaming all night, he must have gotten to sleep faster.