Saturday, June 22, 2013

Home Story Cup VII (HSC) stream is up

Update:  Stream A is up on Twitch now

Update:  Stream B for HSC
also other streams on Twitch for HSC seem to be working and are listed on TL

Update:  stream crashed and is still down for me, but up for some of my friends

HSC Stream is up at

Via TLO's Tweet:  "you'll find the stream for on now! Sorry for the delay ;;" ~

TwitchTV Outage & HSC VII delay

Twitch was down for a while, now I believe it is up in limited ways/areas, many people getting 403 Forbidden error, official post about it from Twitch.TV here

So far they are saying they were not hacked, rather their "web CDN made a requested change without obeying our caching ruleset," but they are forcing password reset because of issue.

If you read the comments, it sounds like they discovered more problems after they made that blog blog posts or initial tweets.

In addition to their blog site, you can follow Twitch's main Twitter at, or their support Twitter at

They are working on getting things backup and running ASAP.

HSC (Home Story Cup) was delayed an hour from what I have seen on Twitter from Rotti:
"We were supposed to start at 13:00 CET but it might be 14:00, depends if Twitch tv is working fine or not, I'll keep you guys posted!"

Note I have world clock at top of Blog, starting with Korean time, to make figuring out time zones at a glance easier.

I will post updates if possible when they become available.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Minecraft Water Trap

Elegant Drowning Trap From


Found this while waiting for Dreamhack, I will have to try it out, have a Zombie spawner on a map that I set up as a quick simple grinder, had river near spawner and just dug out enough for river to push Zombies to one wall were I can hack at their legs.

This would make it a lot more efficient, and wouldn't take much work to add.