Friday, October 19, 2012

Natural Selection 2 (NS2) "ESL Launch Tournament"

"On November 10, some of the best players in the Natural Selection 2 beta will have the opportunity to go head to head, live and in person, at the ESL studios in Cologne, Germany."

Natural Selection 2 combines a team leader that plays the game as a RTS, with the rest of the team that plays as FPS.

This is a game I am very excited about, for many reasons, but one is that I have long had an interest in Self Defense, Military History, Combat, Martial Arts, etc and one of the things that I learned early is that Unit Coordination (ie how well individuals in a unit communicate and work together as a team) is really a force multiplier.

This game is the first one that I know of in Esports that looks like it will really emphasize that element, while at the same time be very enjoyable to spectate.

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