Sunday, October 7, 2012

War of the Roses! Plus two Planetside 2 Beta keys to give away to viewers!


When:  Live now 03:00 KST/ 20:00 CEST/19:00 BST/18:00  UTC/ 15:00 BRT/14:00 EDT [2:00 pm]/13:00 CDT [1:00 pm CDT]/  11:00 AM PDT

Kavik is not only one of few people streaming War of the Roses, he also wants other people to join, so he is willing to do any gear setup people want to see.

He also has Youtube channel with War of the Roses VOD's

If your Interested in buying see this link

Also, I am Amazon Associate, so if you want to buy through Amazon, and help me make a little money, doesn't affect your price, you can buy with this Amazon link War of Roses (PC Download)

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