Friday, February 6, 2015

Security & Hacking: 2 Factor list

Useful page that maintains a list of websites, companies, etc that offer Two Factor Authentication (aka 2FA).

In addition to basic list, they also provide links to documentation for those that provide 2FA, they also offer Twitter links to ask companies to add Two Factor.

Additional Links:

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Android & iPhone Battery replacement

For Apple there are a couple of choices, send it to Apple (by mail or Brick & Mortar Apple Store location), or DIY [Do It Yourself].

WARNING:  For iPhones & Android phones (the ones that don't have readily swappable battery) replacing battery will generally void your warranty because you have opened up the device's case.

Note if you send it to Apple there is a $6.95 USD shipping fee in addition to the price for battery replacement.

Link for Apple battery replacement

DIY option, IMHO simplest DIY approach is to use iFixit,, in addition to the guides, the iFixit store offers the parts & tools needed to repair devices.

Though it varies by model battery replacement for the iPhones seem to be a little easier than iPad, and the iPod Touch 5th Gen is one of the most difficult since it requires a "temperature controlled soldering iron".

For Android, AFAIK its generally going to be DIY unless your device is still under warrenty, iFixit also offers Guides for Android & Windows Phone

VOD of Nexus 7 (pretty easy) battery replacement

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Minecraft Saving Worlds Mac/PC/Linux

Quick reference for saving, backing up, or transferring Minecraft saved games.

I'd like to find good, meaning clear audio & clear presentation, Youtube for PC, Mac, & Linux. 

Mac Lion 10.7 (show how to without using Terminal)

Instructions for Linux, PC, & Mac (via Terminal)


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Security & Hacking: "Getting Started in Information Security"

Useful list of resources for people interested in Computer/Cyber Security, Hacking, Pen Testing, etc.

Includes online course, books, etc

Comment/Suggestion thread for it is

Nerd News: "Google to launch wireless service this year?"

Rumors, via Ars, that Google is going to be operating a pilot MVNO ( combining Sprint & T Mobile networks.

Also Ting, a Sprint MVNO, is adding GSM to it's offerings

[Wikipedia on GSM & CDMA]

Suspect there is some connection here, not necessarily that they are working together, perhaps T Mobile & Sprint are partnering at some level?

Ting has a very interesting pricing structure, you pay for what you use, see for details.

I'm planning on giving Ting a try around March/April 2015, to see how good it is with GSM.

I'll post my thoughts on Ting's GSM here on my Blog.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Starcraft 2 Thoughts: ZvT Nydus Terran's 3rd

Game 2 of Solar vs Yoda in "The Fight Before Christmas"

For some time I have been telling Zerg they should use Nydus for a lot more than cheesy sneak attacks inside opponents base.

While effective when it works, it relies on failure of opponent to have proper vision of their base to be successful, which fits my working definition of Cheese.

In contrast, using a Nydus to block Terran's Third, like this case, should at least delay expansion timing.

Not that blocking the 3rd was a significant priority in this particular case, it was probably intended more to make it harder to spot & target the Nydus.

But with similar timing, you could drop a Nydus at Terran's likely 4th base, have a Queen hop through and drop a Creep tumor or 2 and spread a lot of creep.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

SC2 Thoughts: Power of Queens x Nydus!

Life (Z) vs Stats (P)

Comments with Spoilers below:




This was a well planned & executed counter to Stats play.

Few points I want to emphasize:

Life used a burrowed Zergling to provide vision for Nydus, this provides more tactical surprise, as well as being safer since what isn't seen can't be killed or pushed back.

Burrow is started at 10:15 at same time Life is getting a Zergling into Stats main for a complete scout.

The Zergling that provides vision for the Nydus is sent at ~13:13 game time link to that momment

Note:  In addition to that Ling, there are 2 others to either side of it, for total of 3 Lings, all burrowed, providing vision on the left side of Protoss half of the map.

Also, more importantly for that Nydus attack, the 2 additional burrow Lings provide vision in case Protoss tries to flank or surround the Nydus force.

At nearly the same time as the Lings on the left are being burrowed, Life sends a group of Zerglings around right side of map for both Scouting and attempt at another run by into Natural/Main (typical Life Ling Tactics).

Near end of the game, Stats does send a Probe or two to drop a Pylon near Life's 4th Base (Bottom Right) while the Nydus attack is in progress.

But realizes there is no way he can put enough pressure on there to win a base race and GG's moments after that Pylon finishes.

Lee Hutchinson fed up with AT&T unlock policies

Personal frustration with AT&T from staff member of Ars Technica, Lee Hutchinson

Doesn't surprise me, AT&T was first carrier I used many years ago, won't ever use them again.

There are things Verizon & T Mobile do that frustrate me, but they at least have some things they do well than balance the negatives much better than AT&T IMO.

Devil's Advocate:  I can think of a single reason for AT&T to do this, though one would still have contract, enforcing that on someone who has unlocked device and isn't happy with AT&T is more expensive than using leverage of not unlocking phone.

That could be significant for AT&T's cash flow if many others share my opinion that AT&T is the worst carrier in USA after they become a customer.

Game of the Month: Bunny vs Life

Bunny (T) vs Life (Z)
Game 3 in Bo3

No comments, at least for now, because don't want any spoilers.

I also liked Game 2  of this series, though it wasn't as awesome as Game 3.