Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shades of Red Dwarf "I am Bread" game

For those that prefer link to embed VOD

For those unfamiliar with the Red Dwarf reference to the Talky Toaster

 For those that prefer link vs embed VOD

I Am Bread has been out for about a year, but this is first time I've really looked at it, very amusing game.

Also thought this was good introduction to Jon, the nerd behind Many A True Nerd (MATN) one of my favorite YouTubers, strongly recommend his channel to gamers, I'm a particular fan of his Fallout New Vegas & Fallout 4 VOD's.

He's trying to make a go out of full time YouTubing, so if you like his VODs please give him a follow.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

SC2 LOTV Changes to Units, Buildings, etc.

Best single source for information about the changes in Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void, from Wings of Liberty, that I have found so far is the Teamliquid gaming esport wiki Liquipedia page


Teamliquid a great esports & gaming site
Liquipedia esport wiki that covers:  SC Broodwar, SC2, Dota 2, Counter Strike, Hearthstone, Smash, Heroes, & Overwatch

LOTV Cloaked Ghost Rush

aLive vs MyuNgSiK

Link for those that don't like embedded

SSL 2016 S1

The 2016 Season of the SSL marks first season for the Legacy of the Void (LOTV) expansion pack to Starcraft 2.

This is a fun Terran opening from the SSL, SSL 2016 Playlist, though it will probably never be a standard opening.

Though it looks like it still needs refinement, I really enjoyed it.

Hope to see aLive and others try this out a more.

Though I'm certain we will see it on Ladder.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Security & Hacking: Android Factory Reset Failures

A somber research paper, "Security Analysis of Android Factory Resets" by Laurent Simon & Ross Anderson, describes multiple security issues for many makes, models, and versions of Android phones.

These issues impact many Android phones, unfortunately there is no single simple solution, though the authors suggest multiple mitigations.

Three security issues that caught my attention:

"In general, we found that devices in our sample logically sanitised all  bytes  requested  through  the ioctl command,  except  for one phone: the Google Nexus 4. This has an 6189744128Bdata partition, fully used by the file system. The last 16KB were  not  sanitised  and  fully  recoverable  about  20%  of  the time after a Factory Reset."

"We  found emails in 80% of our sample devices, but generally only a few per device"

"We recovered Google tokens in all devices with flawed Factory Reset, and the  master token 80% of the time."

The last one, with Google tokens would allow attacker to synchronize email or other accounts.  Enabling access to the current account!  Not limited to old (historical) data recovered on the Android device in attacker's possession.

I strongly recommend reading Security Analysis of Android Factory Resets.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Security & Hacking: 2 Factor list

Useful page that maintains a list of websites, companies, etc that offer Two Factor Authentication (aka 2FA).

In addition to basic list, they also provide links to documentation for those that provide 2FA, they also offer Twitter links to ask companies to add Two Factor.

Additional Links:

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Android & iPhone Battery replacement

For Apple there are a couple of choices, send it to Apple (by mail or Brick & Mortar Apple Store location), or DIY [Do It Yourself].

WARNING:  For iPhones & Android phones (the ones that don't have readily swappable battery) replacing battery will generally void your warranty because you have opened up the device's case.

Note if you send it to Apple there is a $6.95 USD shipping fee in addition to the price for battery replacement.

Link for Apple battery replacement

DIY option, IMHO simplest DIY approach is to use iFixit,, in addition to the guides, the iFixit store offers the parts & tools needed to repair devices.

Though it varies by model battery replacement for the iPhones seem to be a little easier than iPad, and the iPod Touch 5th Gen is one of the most difficult since it requires a "temperature controlled soldering iron".

For Android, AFAIK its generally going to be DIY unless your device is still under warrenty, iFixit also offers Guides for Android & Windows Phone

VOD of Nexus 7 (pretty easy) battery replacement

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Minecraft Saving Worlds Mac/PC/Linux

Quick reference for saving, backing up, or transferring Minecraft saved games.

I'd like to find good, meaning clear audio & clear presentation, Youtube for PC, Mac, & Linux. 

Mac Lion 10.7 (show how to without using Terminal)

Instructions for Linux, PC, & Mac (via Terminal)


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Security & Hacking: "Getting Started in Information Security"

Useful list of resources for people interested in Computer/Cyber Security, Hacking, Pen Testing, etc.

Includes online course, books, etc

Comment/Suggestion thread for it is

Nerd News: "Google to launch wireless service this year?"

Rumors, via Ars, that Google is going to be operating a pilot MVNO ( combining Sprint & T Mobile networks.

Also Ting, a Sprint MVNO, is adding GSM to it's offerings

[Wikipedia on GSM & CDMA]

Suspect there is some connection here, not necessarily that they are working together, perhaps T Mobile & Sprint are partnering at some level?

Ting has a very interesting pricing structure, you pay for what you use, see for details.

I'm planning on giving Ting a try around March/April 2015, to see how good it is with GSM.

I'll post my thoughts on Ting's GSM here on my Blog.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Starcraft 2 Thoughts: ZvT Nydus Terran's 3rd

Game 2 of Solar vs Yoda in "The Fight Before Christmas"

For some time I have been telling Zerg they should use Nydus for a lot more than cheesy sneak attacks inside opponents base.

While effective when it works, it relies on failure of opponent to have proper vision of their base to be successful, which fits my working definition of Cheese.

In contrast, using a Nydus to block Terran's Third, like this case, should at least delay expansion timing.

Not that blocking the 3rd was a significant priority in this particular case, it was probably intended more to make it harder to spot & target the Nydus.

But with similar timing, you could drop a Nydus at Terran's likely 4th base, have a Queen hop through and drop a Creep tumor or 2 and spread a lot of creep.

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