Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Security & Hacking: US Infrastructure Enormous Vulnerabilities

Also seems like a lot of stupidity going on as well.

This article today from Sophos isn't anything new, see

But this Quote of a Quote [I'm quoting Sophos, quoting Reuters article], illustrates just how messed up Infrastructure Security is, as well as the stupidity:
"In addition, attendees said they were alarmed to learn that because the government has kept a technique it discovered for attacking electricity generation equipment secret for five years, potential targets had not realized they were vulnerable and therefore did not buy hardware needed to protect themselves." 

Also might want to look at Basecamp, which is trying to raise public awareness to pressure politicians and business to improve situation

A bit technical, but most computer nerds should be able to follow it no problem.

Some Wikipedia articles that explain the acronyms.

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