Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nerd Gear: Anandtech reviews T Mobile Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note II on T Mobile is what I plan to get myself for Christmas this year, and I am becoming convinced that Anandtech is one of the best places for reviews on electronics.

I wish they had more articles, but pretty sure the reason they have fewer than some other places, is that they actually spend time testing and using stuff before writing about it.

They also have first touch articles, but those are clearly labeled, so you know up front if your getting a real review, or just impressions from a trade show or event.

Most, if not all of their writers, also do a good job at separating facts and observations from opinion and preferences.

Something that I, as a writer, really appreciate, a lot of online sources of so called "information" don't seem to make an effort at that, or perhaps lack awareness of the distinction.

Anyway, I don't have anything objective to add ^_^

I haven't found anything to dislike about the Note 2 so far, other than ridiculous price on T Mobile, not sure why they are $70 more than anyone else, maybe that is typo or something, or they want people to buy the phone elsewhere?

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