Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Starcraft 2 Thoughts: Special Tactics in SPL 2014 Maru vs Super

Link for those that don't want embeded video http://youtu.be/Oxe42fznuXs

Link here to jump right before things start to happen http://youtu.be/Oxe42fznuXs?t=3m26s

I can't say how very much I enjoyed this game, it was exceptional!

Been so long since I have seen a game that I felt was worth a Starcraft 2 Thoughts post.

Really cool game, not simple cheese, I'm not sure it is even an all in, need to do some testing to see if it is.

Go back and watch replay again, note that Protoss is constantly making Probes, found it particularly funny that as one caster is saying this is an "economically light" build Probes are being made.

Though to be fair, hard for the English casters to follow everything since they don't have full access to game, they are basically just viewing what Korean Observer is showing, just like we are, and they aren't always aware when the production or unit tab will be open.

Reason I not sure I would classify this as Cheese, is that IMHO, Cheese relies on not being scouted to be effective.

I doubt think this build relies on that at all, not just because Super won after it was scouted early, but because Probe production was constant.

Also Protoss take Natural during the attack.

Will take some serious testing, but I suspect this build works, at least on this type of map vs Reaper opening, even if Oracle(s) don't do any direct damage at beginning.

It will Pin Terran in their base, also forces minerals into early bunkers and/or Turrets.

I wonder if the strongest Terran defense to this would be to counter attack all in with SCV pull?

Or maybe counter attack with few SCV's to tank for Marines, but not full all in?

I suspect Mines might also be one of the better Terran responses to this if they can make some fast enough, depending on Terran build.

Though full wall off is probably critical as well, part of what made this a game ending attack instead of just gaining a modest advantage, was the fact that a Zealot & Stalker were able to get into the main.

This allowed serious attacks from multiple angles (similar concept to flanking & surrounding), as well as buying time for critical mass of Oracles for the small number of Marines.

Hard to say without some testing, would really like to see Day9 or Artosis work with MVP and go over some of the in house practice and testing of this build.

But really doubt that they would be willing to do that, because it would reveal lot of info to other teams on how they specifically prepare, among other issues.

Really awesome game!

Lot of depth to this game, many things that happened long before actual match.

Really cool!

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