Friday, October 19, 2012

XCOM "Rescue: Russia - Locate VIP"

If your into Minecraft you have probably seen Paul's Minecraft Tutorials or streams.

Paul is a big fan of XCOM, and so it is natural that he is all over the current version.

If you want to follow his entire XCOM series the playlist is

If you like Paul's shows please follow him either on Youtube or Twitter

I always encourage people to follow Casters, Gamers, & Bloggers that they like, not only does it help a little for those people (guess I am one of those people as well), but for a lot of people that produce content like that, it is one of the best forms of feedback.

Honestly most of us that produce things for people to watch or read on the internet will never make much money from it, we do it because we like to share stuff with people.

Combination of entertainment and education IMHO.

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