Monday, October 1, 2012

Security & Hacking: Browser Choice and Security

Interesting blog post by Brian Kreb

He compares the number of days, that actively used Zero Days, were impacting IE, Chrome, and Firefox for a year.

For Advanced Users, Sys Admins, & IT Managers, you might also want to look at these links from comments section:

One real pro of Chrome, that Brian Kreb didn't mention, is the fact that Google offers rewards to Hackers that demonstrate vulnerabilities to them, you have to follow their terms of course, but I think that is a very smart and useful approach.

For more on Google's Award see or to see all my Blog posts on that topic click the Label Pwnium

I recommend Chrome with Addblocker Plus or Firefox with NoScript & Addblocker Plus.

I have tried Chrome with ScriptNo, a NoScript imitation for  Chrome, but don't like how it performed for me, and it doesn't have as many benefits as NoScript IMO.

I prefer Firefox with NoScript and Addblocker Plus, but I personally use Firefox (on Mac & Win 7), Chrome (with Addblocker Plus), and Safari daily.

Don't forget about mobile browser security, iOS is best choice there IMO.

For mobile web I use the built in Web Browser on my Blackberry Bold 9780, which has some unpatched browser issues because of carrier T_T on a daily basis.

Really looking forward to switching to Android phone so I can run Mobile Firefox with NoScript & hopefully AddBlocker Plus (no Addblocker Plus for mobile FF yet).

Though I may get a cheap iPhone 4S for more secure mobile web.

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