Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nerd Gear: Dell U2713HM review from Anandtech

I find, after getting a 27" iMac, that 27" is bigger than I want for most applications, I use it of course ^_^ but as I get my home office set up the way I want, the 27" screen will eventually be used primarily for viewing when I am standing.

Working on a custom desk setup that will work for both sitting and standing use, for better back health.

I find the 23" or 24" screens to be sweet spot for size, but I will definably be going Dell for my next screens.

But then I am looking at having 5-6 screens total, counting laptops, sadly that is for work not gaming T_T

Though once I have the hardware, I will probably get a good A-10 simulator.

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