Wednesday, December 14, 2011

z33k 2v2 Masters Weekly

[Edited 12/14/2011  @ 1610 PST, I don't know if this got postponed or not, but they are not on Teamliquid calender atm, I'll update if I learn more]

 Yay more 2v2 awesomeness!

When: Wed, Dec 14 at 1700 PST/2000 EST
Stream: It's GoSu is proud to present the 2v2 Masters Weekly series! In partnership with Complexity Gaming and Origin PC we will be bringing you a $50 prize pool for Masters level 2v2 teams every week! With the new ladder maps in play prepare for some epic 2v2 games.

The tournament will be a single elimination bracket. Only the RO8 and beyond will be streamed.

First place wins $50 every week.

Tune in for some high level 2v2 action!
Thread: z33k 2v2 Masters $50 Weekly

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