Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Starcraft 2 Skills: Mothership Elevator!

Some WhiteRa Special Tactics: White-Ra [P] vs Sjow [T] Game Analysis - December 4 2011 - Special tactics PvT

My comments below the VOD like usual.

WhiteRa is such a strong strategic thinker, in addition to all his other skills, forcing the Terran Army to move out of the main, all the way around (ie long travel path by ramp for ground units) to get in range of the Toss Army, with his positioning, and then Elevatoring with Recall is brilliant!

Normally everyone uses Recall to cover large distance quickly, WhiteRa uses it here to maneuver over obstacle (ie the cliff), at very close range.  He used it more like Blink than Recall, very elegant technique.

Note: WhiteRa emphasizes, at the end of the VOD, the importance of the base 2 Armor of the Mother ship, and how Sentry's Guardian shield can add another 2 armor to that.

That lowers the Marines base damage from 6 to 2, after they get through the shields, and the Marines are the only anti Air Terran has at that stage of the game, how many Marine shots will it take to kill a 350 HP/ 350 Shield Mothership ?!? 

It will take 88 Marine shots, with Guardian shield, to get through the shields, and another 175 to get through the hp!  That is 263 shots, long time for Toss ground Army to do work, and you could always focus down the Marines first with ground army.

I wonder if someone could work Immortals into this concept, their DPS vs Buildings and Marauders is so much higher than Stalkers!  Even two Immortals would kill building so much faster.

Don't know if that would be practical though.

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