Thursday, December 22, 2011 best place for Starcraft 2 VOD's!

This is reposting of an earlier post, google doesn't seem to want to bring up Starcraft2vids yet, so I am reposting to help them get on Google.

I really like their site, you can see my detailed thoughts about them below, but the short version is I think Starcraft2vids does a lot of hard work for the SC2 community, I appreciate what they do, and encourage everyone one into SC2 to take a look at them.

Simply the best place for Starcraft 2 VODS ! ! !

Created & maintained by two Jeremy's, a pair of friends with the same name, they both have the passion for Esports that we do!

In their own words:

"We are building an archive of player and caster interviews and we want to keep the focus on those hard working people that bring is so much entertainment. We are adding all contact information that we can find for players and casters including their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Streaming information. We want to help eSports in general grow and the best way to do that is to support all of these people that are directly involved."

They have built an impressive archive, featuring a Vertical Search Engine for Starcraft 2 VOD's, making it easy to find what your looking for, whether your looking for all the VOD's with Kiwikaki.  Or your looking for all the VOD's that Apollo has cast.  Or there is a build you want to learn.

There are seven buttons at the top of every page, letting you quickly select what you want to see:  Recent, Players, Casters, Events, Strategy, Interviews, or Music.  Letting you quickly find VOD's, without a lot of googling or hunting through forum threads.

I really appreciate that efficiency, I spend over 10 hours a day watching streams, replays, & VOD's, sometimes I miss the beginning of a game, or hear something about one that I didn't see.  I can spend hours looking for a VOD with google or in forums, but still not find it because those tools are not optimized for that type of searching. 

I share skills with Google Hackers and Research Librarians, and I have a growing network of Casters & Players that help me as well, so if I struggle to find that kind of information I suspect many people never find those types of VOD's except by chance.

Stracraft2vids solves that problem neatly, in addition to all the work they do, they also encourage people to submit VOD's.  That is a elegant touch, it works like a Moderated Wiki, so your not relying on any single person or group to collect the data.

They didn't stop there, the right side of their site contains additional features; live streams, listed shows, and more.

Though they didn't stop there I did, I haven't had the time to fully explore those elements of Starcraft2vids yet, I just found the site a couple of days ago.  I decided to write about their site now, rather than wait another week to do a more complete review.  

Good Job Starcraft2vids, I am impressed with the work of Jeremy & Jeremy!

Links & Resources:!/Starcraft2Vids or @Starcraft2Vids
Google Hacking VOD
Google Hacking mp3 audio only of VOD above
Research Librarian resource

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