Friday, December 16, 2011

Thundertoss' Top 200 King of the Hill

Thundertoss' weekly Top 200 King of the Hill continues, come see top players battle each other to be the King of the Hill!

It is good to be King!

When: Fri 21:30 EST/18:30 PST

Streams: or alt stream [Ascend's Stream is the main one, higher resolution, but if there are problems Thundertoss' stream is there Thundertoss has webcam now, and he can't run webcam and stream, so just Ascend's stream tonight, with Thundertoss' webcam on Ascend's stream between games]

Top 200 Players (Grandmaster priority, top Masters permitted)
$20 for each 5 wins.
$10 for dethroning a 5+ win player.
$10 for "Match of the Night"

To play, join the chat channel "top200koth" on the NA server, and send a message to Thundertoss.

Thread: Top 200 KOTH (with prize $$!)

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