Monday, December 26, 2011

CSN's New School Mondays OPEN

This is a cup for the Cyber Sports Network with the focus on the up-and-coming as well as established pro players of StarCraft II. In this special event, a significantly larger prize than the Amateur Cup series is up for grabs. CSN would like to offer this up as a monthly tournament that will no doubt deliver exciting and competitive battles between some of the best players in the word

1 v 1 - StarCraft 2 Tournament

Stream: (link fixed)

Caster:  Barbarossa and his crew

Sponser:  Check out iheartesports

When:  Mon 12/26/11 7:00pm EST 

Wed 12/21/11 6:00am EST - Mon 12/26/11 6:05pm EST
Check in
Mon 12/26/11 6:06pm EST -
Mon 12/26/11 7:00pm EST

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