Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interesting PvT: Hwangsin vs Select

I started watching HwangSin's stream a couple of weeks ago, he has some interesting concepts, I have mentioned HwangSin's 3 Gate build for PvP vs 4 Gate.

This game shows an interesting approach to PvT,my comments below the VOD.

I haven't seen anyone mass that many Archons before, though I have thought about switching to Archon support, instead of normal Stalker/Zealot, for Colossus in lategame PvZ, I think that might work well vs Broodlord/Corrupter from Zerg.

I am going to need to spend more time and thought on the game above between HwangSin and Select, I like the Archon massing, because that forces Ghost, which are not real good vs the Colossus.

But I am not sure yet what HwangSin was planning to do for remax if he traded the Archon Colossus army.  Ghost do bonus damage vs Zealots (ie vs Light Units), and Terran is likely to go Ghost Marauder Viking (maybe with Hellion added??) in response I would think.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please post them in the comments.  I don't see a clear followup unit composition to use if Select had been further ahead.

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