Friday, December 30, 2011

Nerd News: "GoDaddy wins, and loses, Move Your Domain Day over SOPA"

This story on ars provides some interesting data,, note the updated information, and like I have said before, often times the comments on ars are better than the main article.

This comment by Nisuo I thought was very valid and insightful:
"These numbers forget a few things.

1)Boycotts started early. Not sure why yesterday was made "the day" to transfer. Transfers have been happening for over a week now. Over 37,000 were deleted in the first 2 days of the "transfer out" last week.

2)Do you really think that this will last? I'm no tinfoil hat kind of person, but if I were Godaddy... I'd register new domains on "protest day" to make it look like supporters of SOPA were equal or stronger."

The really cool thing about ars, is that they listen/read the comments, and generally make corrections when warranted.  They also provide clear links to more information at the end of articles, which is very useful if your trying to learn more about something.

I do think with this story, and many others, you get a much fuller picture from reading the comments, a lot strong critical thinkers, that read ars, point out many of the points that were missed, or only lightly touched on in the main article.

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