Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Starcraft 2 Skills: Winning Won Games

Not recognizing a winning advantage when it happens in the game, can cost you a game.  Sometimes that happens just because your so focused on Macro or Micro or whatever that you don't see it in the small timing window that you have to exploit it.

Other times it seems to me that many players just don't understand certain types of advantages.  I think they are not aware these elements even exist, I think the only way to learn those elements is through watching a lot of games (replays/VOD's).  Here is a game from before IPL 3, between Stephano & Mana, cast by Kaelaris.  My comments and thoughts are below the VOD.

I am going to skip the early game for the most part, I'll just point out that Stephano had already won the economic war before the first big fight, because Mana has weak play in this game.

Mana prefers a slow Macro game, which is fine. But to be able to win, vs a skilled opponent, with slow Macro game you really need to either keep pressure on the enemy or be aggressive with your expansions.

Ideally a blend of both.  Mana did neither.

So when he lost the fight that started about 14:52, he really had lost the game.  At the end of that fight, Stephano is attacking Mana's 4th with a ling at 15:41, Stephano could have easily killed the 4th, and that would have been game.

Stephano didn't seem to realize this in game.

Stephano would have been on 6 bases vs 3 bases, not to mention a maxed Army, and total dominance of the Map.

He morphed 6 Broodlords, that is 12 food or 24 lings worth of food, he made 20 lings and sent them to Mana's 4th, they killed the Probes but were cleaned up by the Zealots & Cannon.

He could have remaxed with 44 Lings, instead of making the Broods, sent them with 1 or 2 Infestors for support to destroy that base, the Corrupter/Roach main Army could have danced easily with Mana's main Army or let them slip by defend his 4th and backstabbed the 3rd or Natural.

That would have been GG, I think.

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