Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Manner in Esports: x6Terran vs Violet

This happened during

umm.. x6.Terran (major) rage quits after a great first map.

To quote viOLet after the dust cleared, "It was a great first map, very close but major just messed up"

Very poor sportsmanship by Terran, but a great job by team x6 for sending another player in his place to play a show match and accept the loss.

Should we invite Terran back? That's a tough one for sure. There are plenty of other top skilled players that interested.. but viOLet thinks Terran is a solid player. hmmmm 

Posted by CSN John Clark at

First x6 did a very good job of doing what they could to make up for Major/Terran's BM.  I applaud them for that.

Second, Major/Terran was very disrespectful to Violet, and to CSN (the organizer of the event), not to mention the fans.

My stance on this is he should not be invited back, I am all about giving people second chances, or the benefit of the doubt.

But I don't see any room for doubt here, BMing Violet is like BMing WhiteRa IMO.  They are very manner and respectful players, how can you do that?

Specially in Game 1 of a Best of 5!

It seems to me that Major/Terran needs to learn how to behave professionally, before he is allowed in a professional event again.


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