Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nerd News: LAN Party Optimized House!

Check it out!

Kenton is an engineer for Google.

Here is snippet, but go to his blog to see Gamers watching SC2 on 59" screen (scroll down for that pic, scroll farther down for tech specs and $ details), I am following his blog now, very impressive Kenton:

The house has twelve of these fold-out computer stations, six in each of two rooms (ideal for team vs. team games). The actual computers are not next to the monitors, but are all in a rack in a back room. The stations were built by a cabinet maker based on specs I created. The rest of the house was designed by my dad, Richard Varda, who happens to be an architect.
I also have two big TVs, one 59-inch and one 55-inch, each of which has a selection of game consoles attached. In practice we usually end up streaming pro starcraft matches to these instead of playing games on them.

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