Friday, December 23, 2011

Nerd News: Xmas support for Nerds

From ars:

One thing a lot of us who write for and read Ars Technica have in common is that our technical experience often puts us in the position of having to provide tech support for our unenlightened family members. Whether it's Grandpa wondering why his PC is running so slow or your sister trying to set up her new printer so all the computers in the house can print to it, chances are we'll all be asked to play happy helpdesk worker during our trips home for the holidays.
Today, we're collecting the best preventative tips for family tech support. The most inspired ideas from the comments below will be promoted up into this story. We'll start things off with three suggestions of our own

You might want to book mark their article, or maybe even print it off, be sure to check the comments section!

If your not familiar with ars the comment section can often have more or deeper insight that the main article. Like what happens on TL threads sometimes. The reason is there are so many Nerds & Geeks that read ars you might actually get feedback from some of the top people in the field in the comments section.

They also review Games & other things of interest to Nerds in general.

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