Saturday, December 17, 2011

eP's Show Matches

Who:  Starting off with eP Open 6th & 7th Finalists will be invited to a separate show matches of a best of 7

When:  First show match will take place on the week of January 8th.


Description & Details:

Clan Eternal Plague is hosting a series of show matches within the clan eP Open finalists of the 6th and 7th tournament and will continue on to face another player of their choice. The show matches will be hosted by Team LxG's NanMan (link in it's belonging section). The show matches will be hosted by ToLiveOrDie who has also hosted 6 Clan eP opens so far. We will invite the eP Open finalists to the next show match starting with eP open 6th & 7th finalists where we will invite them to a separate show match best of 7 the day after the eP open, if a finalist fails to attend the show match the opportunity will be awarded to the next player in line. If that can't happen a member of the clan Eternal Plague will be able to play in it, such as players as Boyo, Styx, Jager, PhiliBiRD, Pit, JakeBake, Catechin and so on.

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