Thursday, September 27, 2012

Windows 8 Start Button Back!

Saw article here about Stardock's  Beta
Start 8 product that lets you get Start button back on Windows 8, so if your stuck using Win 8 but want Start Button back give them a try.

Stardock has been around for some time, I have never used any of their products, but remember coming across them in research I did trying to accomplish some things on my desktop back when I was using Windows XP.

Windows Blinds is what most people know them for 

I might try that out myself in the future, I have more computers that I use on a daily basis now than I ever did before, I use two most every day now, and am working on getting 3rd computer, Linux on old XP machine, plus budgeting for 2 more laptops/tablets (ether a small 13ish laptop or Surface Pro Tablet,  and a 17" gaming laptop).

Stardock has beta available for Start 8

Start 8 provides other features, such as "Optionally disable the desktop Windows 8 "hot spots"".

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