Friday, September 14, 2012

Thoughts & Observations on Apple's new iPhone 5, iPod Touch, & iPod Nano

I am reserving judgement on the iPhone 5, till I see some details and/or bench marks on the new CPU & GPU.

I still think iPhone 4S is a great phone if you don't want a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note (I plan to get a Note 2 eventually, but we are looking at iPhone 4S or 5 for my girlfriend).

I think the interesting part of the announcements were the iPod Touch & iPod Nano.

This is a good link to see relative specs between iPods

If your concerned about security the new iPod Touch should be a big step up from previous generation, since it has a A5 series chip, see for more details.

It also has better (decent!) camera now, and if I understand correctly same display as iPhone 5, previous gen had good display, but it didn't have as good of viewing angles & etc as the iPhones.

AnandTech has short initial impression up

They also cover the new iPod Nano, which Leo Laporte said, seems inspired by the HD Zune, which is a device he liked, link to MacBreak Weekly 316 where Leo starts talking about the iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano has built in Pedometer & Bluetooth, which can useful for workouts.

It is also much lighter than a Phone or Touch, which can make a big difference for joggers & runners, that want music or podcast for workouts.

I know before my knees and ankles stopped my running workouts I would often carry just house key in shoe or sock when running outside, because I didn't like how even the little bit of weight from house key felt when running anywhere else.

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