Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Security & Hacking: "ID Theft Service Tied to Payday Loan Sites"

Article at http://krebsonsecurity.com/2012/09/id-theft-service-tied-to-payday-loan-sites/

Everyone who isn't fully aware of the sad, frightening realities of Hacking, should really read Brian Krebs' article linked above, for those that don't know Brian was a reporter for The Washington Post for several years, he knows his topic very well.

This reminds me of the Mat Honan hack or Social Engineering attack that happen not that long ago, I hope a lot of people read Brian Krebs' article, and start making noise to their Banks, Schools, Legislators, etc.

If your not familiar with Mat Honan case see Mat Honan Targeted, and click this link for response by Apple & Amazon.

There really isn't any information about you a motivated criminal Hacker can't find out, so those elements should not be used to give control of accounts to someone over the phone or net.

There is no perfect solution yet that I am aware of, best thing for institutions like banks, that I know, is to make people come in to a Brick & Mortar location, and provide current picture ID from Government/Military, not just asking them over phone or Net for SSN or Mother's Maiden name.

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