Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NerdNews: Simply Awesome

Google has gone underwater with Street View, totally cool, though I think maybe they should change the name from Street View for the underwater part ^_^

I think they are calling this Google Maps Ocean.  Though it might be Google Earth Ocean or just Google Ocean?  Not clear to me yet, maybe they haven't really "named" it yet.

If your into Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Eco Tourism, just enjoy Nature or Marine Biology, then I think you will really like this. 

They seem to want you to use Google Earth (you have to download either free or paid version to use Google Earth) to view, but you can use Google Maps (no download, just in browser), in Google Maps it is part of Street View, here is short link to one example with Google Maps

I haven't downloaded Google Earth since I got new hardware, my old machine struggled with it, so  I don't have much experience with Google Earth, I will post more about using Google Earth and the Google Ocean in the near future.

Official Google links:

A Cliff Tangent:

If your not familiar with Google Earth, Tom Bowers covers it in his presentation on Google Hacking, I have blogged links to that on my Cliff's How To Corner

The mp3 and slideshow worth about Google Hacking is well worth your time.

Probably my favorite MP3 of all time, have listened to it over 50 times, some of the material isgetting a little dated, but the concepts and skills he covers are timeless.

If anyone knows of a more recent version of that presentation please post info in comments or Tweet at me @CliffsEsport

[Edited to add VOD & tweak title]

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