Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Security & Hacking: "Over 50% of Android Devices are Vulnerable"

Saw this article on Sophos Naked Security blog http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/09/17/android-unpatched-security-holes/

That is about this post https://blog.duosecurity.com/2012/09/early-results-from-x-ray-over-50-of-android-devices-are-vulnerable/ from Duo Security (I have never heard of them before, so don't know yet how credible they are), that claims that over 50% of the people that have downloaded their Xray app, Xray scans for known security holes in Android, have unpatched vulnerabilities.

I don't have any way to verify this currently, would appreciate any info that could support or disprove their assertion.

I know their are problems with official updates to Android, and Jelly Bean is better, Duo also has this article https://blog.duosecurity.com/2012/07/exploit-mitigations-in-android-jelly-bean-4-1/ outlining some of the security benefits of Jelly Bean, and also list of Security Mitigations in previous versions of Android.

I like Samsung's Galaxy S3 and Note, I am planning on getting a Galaxy Note 2 this Xmas if possible, my girlfriend needs new phone more than me, but for her and most non Nerds I usually recommend iPhones.

Because of patch issues, iOS certainly has unpatched vulnerabilities, but you don't have to be skilled or comfortable with electronics & computers to get upgrades when they are available for iPhone.

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