Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Where to sell old cell phone?

Article here suggests Amazon followed by Apple as best places to get rid of iPhone, if your okay with getting credit from the respective companies instead of cash.

That article is focused on iPhones, wondering if any of you have suggestions for Android phones?

Either for selling or for repurposing/reusing when you upgrade?

I use Amazon a lot, so I would probably go that route myself, but I usually hang on to my old smart phones.

Only cell phone I don't still have was my very first one, with AT&T, was so mad at them that I spent few weeks tearing it apart and trashing it after I got a Verizon phone.

Still have  my first Verizon flip LG phone, play the games on it occasionally, and use it as a timer for cooking and laundry.

I also took it with me when I went to Mayo Clinic for some procedures, any cell phone will work to call 911 in the USA even if it isn't under contract, it has couple of games on it, so I had something to occupy me if I needed it, and emergency phone (with some phone numbers in address book).

Plus it was old, didn't care if it got lost, stolen, or damaged.

Using T mobile Blackberry now, Bold 9780, but will be switching from Blackberry with next upgrade, because  Blackberry is clearly in a death spiral.

Bums me out, I really like the security features and BBM (Blackberry messenger) of the Blackberry.

I also really like the keyboard & shortcuts the physical buttons provide, Steve Gibson loves his Blackberry as well, so I am not the only Nerd that <3 Blackberry.

I think lot of people never really learn all the shortcuts available with the physical buttons on Blackberry, I don't think I know more than a third or so the shortcuts, I do know for lot of the blog related things I do with Twitter and RSS feeds, the shortcuts are about 3 times faster for me than touchscreen.

We are getting gf iPhone for Xmas, & I was planning on getting iPod Touch before I lost hope in Blackberry.

Now I'm thinking I will probably get iPhone after gf does, maybe iPhone 4S for cheap, then get Galaxy Note II with a prepay plan, the Note 1 & 2 fit my larger than normal smart phone needs better than tablets.

If I go iPhone 4S with pre pay plan like Straight Talk, I could switch SIM card between phones as needed/wanted, would be paying about half what I do now for my monthly phone bill.

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