Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Desert Stormfront RTS game for Android, Windows, Linux, & Mac

A serious RTS game for Android, also available for Windows, Linus, or Mac, but not iOS.

From reviews I have read this game sounds great for serious RTS gamers, but has steep learning curve, and probably not good choice for total RTS Noobs.

More info available at his forum

The game requires Android OS 2.0 or higher and a minimum screen resolution of 800x480px.

LITE version available for free, links below.

Earlier version of this game, set in Island maps, called Tropical Stormfront is also available.

The Dev's site 

The Game's site

Though I always suggest getting apps from Google's store or Amazon for security (nothing against his or any Dev's storefront, I am just very careful about downloads, YMMV), downloads for Android, Windows, Linux, & Mac are available direct at

Google's Play Store:
Desert Stormfront LITE very LONG LINK
Desert Stormfront 

Tropical Stormfront LITE very LONG LINK
Tropical Stormfront

Amazon, full disclosure, I am Amazon Associate, so if you buy with Amazon link I get a little money, doesn't affect your price:

Desert Stormfront Lite
Desert Stormfront
Tropical Stormfront LITE
Tropical Stormfront

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  1. please upload windows version!!!!