Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nerd Gear: Color Coding Cord Clutter

Neat, simple, and cheap way to Color Code Cords

Bascially you use a cheap Perler bead, cut one side with scissors or razor blade, and then snap it over cord.  Perler website

You can buy a 1000 count bag for a few dollars at Amazon, I am Amazon Associate so I make a tiny bit of money if you buy with my Amazon links, Perler Beads

They also have Glow in the Dark Perler Beads

You could even use multi beads of different colors for some serious Geek Cred, by using Electronic Color Code like used on resisters and such

That would be really cool for some custom computer builds. 

Think I will try these out, my girlfriend does a lot of craft stuff, she said she has used Perler Beads before.

They are intended to make decorations, then you run an Iron over them to heat them enough that they stick together.

So you can easily use up the extras in some creative way.

Could make SC2 critters or vehicles out of them, thinking like a BC or Mothership, not to mention your favorite Comic or Pokeman.

Check out this Pokeman made with Perler Beads on this VOD by zzezah, you can follow zzezah at

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