Sunday, September 23, 2012

Security & Hacking: Google Blogger Problems "why is it telling me i have logged out from a different location?"

Update:  9/25/2012 Problem seems to be gone for me, not because of anything on my end AFAIK, so I suspect some Bug on Blogger's end, though I am not sure.

Anyone still having problems?

Found this comment about problem from Google today

Listing all the postings about this problem I can find, for some reason it is a little tricky to get these results to show with Google, plus this might help show how widespread the problem is, and that it clearly seems cross browser, and cross platform.!topic/blogger/Fif5Gu6yjBo!topic/blogger/emM2va3gTZM!topic/blogger/gGC3xlE7Bkw!topic/blogger/AmsOw_E_pao!topic/blogger/FHEJ-vqv-tY!topic/blogger/emM2va3gTZM

Couple of people Trying to be helpful post this link for problems staying logged in, but that is just about cookies.

I am not getting disconnected from other Google services, and not simple cookie issue, I have been using Blogger 7 days a week for over a year.

I am having the same problem, I use a LONG random password (generated by my password keeper + more added no words or patterns), this password is pretty new and not used anywhere else.

Using Firefox with NoScript + Addblocker Plus, some of the time NoScript is saying it is blocking a cross scripting and/or redirect, but not always.

Example it has done this to me more than 6 times while trying to type this short blog post.

I suspect the problem is on Blogger, since I am not having problems with anything else currently.

I am also using Sophos AV software, Firefoxe & etc are up to date, and Java is disabled.

Not running Windows.

So if anyone has any info on Blogger saying you have logged out from another location, please post comment or tweet me.

I will continue to do research.

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