Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes Games will start soon! MLG Raleigh 2011 Starcraft 2

It is almost here!
Raleigh Time Zone Clock

Also key links and the clock are all available in the Event Corner on right side of blog near the top.  I also have Clocks showing time zones at top of blog starting with Korean Time and moving West.  Hopefully this simplifies time zone conversions for viewers of my blog.

Games are Sceduled to start at 5:30 pm [17:30 hours] EDT [Raleigh Time Zone]

I will be following the TLO vs Select & Kiwikaki vs Nada games.  Fan of TLO & BIG fan of Kiwikaki.  Just hope they are both performing better than last MLG!



August 26, 2011-August 28, 2011 MLG Raleigh.

Red Stream & Blue Stream

MLG Full Broadcast Schedule

The Teamliquid Coverage Page [Best single Link]

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