Friday, August 26, 2011

DongRaeGu vs Trickster MLG Raleigh 20111

MVPDongraeGu vs STTrickster

Go DRG!!!!

Spoiler Alert

Game 1  cross spawn Shakuras

Trickster Forge Fast Expand.

DRG pool before hatch at natural.  Speed on the way.

Stargate onn the way.  TWO Stargates.

Fast 3rd for DRG, standard respons from a fast expo from Toss.

Three spores Spores out.

Two Voids out, +1 air attack

3-4 voidrays out, but he showed 3-4 out little less than optimum.

Lots of Spores go up.

1 Gas at DRG's main gets sniped by voids.

Gets Spawning pool sniped, which also charges voids adn the Evo chamber goes down.  They were both on backside of main mineral line.

Hydras come out and push voids away.

Charge being researched.  Spire on the way.

Templar archives out, charge finishes.  Storm started.

Ling and zealots keep sparing, few lings get into main.  Not enough to do lots of damage.

Hyrda ling push at Natural, Voids backstoab main mineral line and kill Queens off, and kill drive away dornes.

  While zealots plus one or two archons drive off Hydra push.

Voidrays are kiling off main, blink getting researched, DRG forced to GG.

Game 2  Top rightDRG Bottom left spawns Metalopolis

Trickster is going forge Fast Expand again.

DRG is scouting aggressively & thoroughly with a few lings, for map control.

Trickster was 5-6 gates and also Stargate half done, not fast stargates like last game.

DRG scouts all the gates and the Stargate!

  Lots of spores go up!  5-6 lots + one Voidray pushing into DRG's 3rd.

Zealots have +1 attack.  Trickster shuts it down only losing lings.

Robo done making an Obs, Robo support bay on the way.

DRG pressuring multiple avenues with lings while Trickster was trying turtle up and take 3rd.

Took a few waves but he was able to kill the 3rd.  Also Denies second attempt to by Trickster to take 3rd.

Whiel all that is going one, Infestors and roaches are produced and 4th base going up.

DRG pushes with Roaches and Infestors, bad micro or angle, loses badly to Colossus and gateway units.  Trickster counter attacks takes out 4th base, DRG attack Trickster's 3rd while Trickster takes down DRG's 3rd.

Looks like Trickster has this game. 

Hmm, not sure maybe upgrade were real uneven (?)

DRG forced to GG

Trickster takes series 2-0

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