Friday, August 26, 2011

Kiwikaki vs Nada MLG Raleigh 2011


Spoiler alert

Game 1  Cross spawns on Dual Sight

Kiwi got early probe scout.  Kiwi did fast 2nd gas.

Nada getting fast 2nd CC.

1 gate robo so far. 2nd gateway on the way.

Obs warping in.
Three raxs from Nada, bunker and 2 depot wall at top of ramp.  2 Techlabs & one reactor on Raxs

Kiwi starts Nexus at natural.

Immortal in production.

Obs scanned & killed in Nada's base.
Kiwi has robo support bay warping in forge also on the way.

Thermal lance and 1 colossus at started same time.

Whiffed scan trying to get 2n obs.

Nada pushes but Kiwi will have two colossus with thermal lance done!  Also +1 attack is done before NAda's push hits, and kiwi has big worker lead.

Kiwi holds the attack by slim margin but keeps both colossus and immortal alive

Kiwikaki is taking 3rd base & pumping Colossus. +1 armor finishes for kiwi.

Twilight council on the way.  Blink started.  Another Immortal.

Second robo on the way.  +1 Attack started for Kiwi.

Kiwi has 6 Colossus and now is pumping Immortals from both Robos.

Nada has lots of vikings and maruaders.

  Blink done and charge started.  No Ghost yet, ghost tech started.

Lots of vikings not many medivacs (2?)

Big class in middle of map, Immortals fall fast, loks like Kiwi was expecting ghosts was keeping Immortals back.  Kiwi has HT on the way with storm.

Down to 5-6 Vikings.  I think Kiwi is working a LOT harder at scouting, so he adjusts his army composition based on Nada's army.

Another poke by Nada, but Kiwi clearly has stronger army.  Nada pulls back but Kiwi pushes, the colossus and HT with Storm to strong.

Nada forced to GG

Kiwikaki is up 1-0

Game 2  Cross spawns Shattered Temple

Nada opening with 1 Rax.  Kiwi has fast 2nd gas again.

Nada doing a maurader + Reaper.  Using reaper for scouting.  Spots Gateway 1 Robo opening and 2nd gateway coming in, before Kiwi kills the reaper.

4 Rax are up only 1 add on so far a tech lab.

Nada has taken his Natural, so has Kiwi.  Almost even balance of marine maurader now for Nada.

Immortal Sentry Zealot for Kiwi.

Nada pushes.  Loses everything but one Maruader.

Kiwi has Robo Support bay half done after the attack from Nada killed.  Kiwi has control of the Tower and is breaking rocks at his gold.

Nada getting add ons on the rest of his Rax now.

  Nada is doing lot better job of scouting this game, he did non in first game, he scouted with reaper early in this game and now scouting with Factory and sends in a double drop supported by gorund army on low ground.

But Kiwi destroys the drop, gets one medivac while it is full loaded.

Kiwi is looking better thanlast couple of MLG.

ScNada scouting with factory, Kiwi has 4 Colossus out + 2 Immortals.

Nada has mainly marauder plus 4ish Vikings.

Kiwi Pushes when Nada going for rocks by his natural,Colossus go down but not before doing enough damage.  Lot of Stalkers left.  Nada's Army crushed and NAtural goes down .  Nadaforced to GG.

Kiwikaki takes series it 2-0

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