Monday, November 5, 2012

Starcraft 2 Thoughts: Macro TvZ ESC Goody vs FXO Slavik

Goody vs Slavik cast by Duckvillelol

Very interesting, and very LONG game.

Note: spoilers below the countdown numbers!






This is first game I have seen in a long time, that had enough complexity or new elements for me to feel like doing a Starcraft 2 Thoughts post (if you click on that label, you will get a list of all my SC2 Thoughts postings).

One amusing thing I saw Goody do around 49:45 (Youtube timer not in game clock) was call down a bunch of Mules on Zerg base, don't think they were meant as Manner Mules, but rather just a way to steal some minerals.

For long games like this, I wouldn't mind seeing someone experiment with 3-4 extra Orbitals just for doing this on a regular basis.  Scan, spam mules, then rinse and repeat when energy is maxed again ^_^

I agree strongly with the comments Duckvillelol made about the Nydus not being used seriously through the game, I think they would have made a big difference, especially with either Roaches (they had tunneling claws) or a 2-4 Infestor hit squad.

I think Zerg should have had some Overseers, and used a group of 3-4 to go in and Contaminate some Factories during or right after a fight, would also be a really great time to drop a Nydus adn send some Zerglings, Roaches,  or Infestors through.

Contaminate the Factory, and focus down the Tech Labs or Reators.

One important element I would like to point out and emphasize, is that both Terran and Zerg in this game seemed to be playing for what I think of as Late Game in SC2, with no idea or plan on how to transition into End Game.

To me Late Game is the point in the game were both sides are basically maxed, with whatever unit comp including Top Tier units they want, but there are still plenty of resources on the map.

While End Game is when Gas and then Minerals are gone from the map, and you need to rely on Mana units, since they can resupply energy given time, or Units that can heal after an effective harassment attack (like sniping a Tech Structure with Muta, maybe taking damage to Mutas, but not losing any).

But even though both of these players seem to prefer Late Game play, nether one of them was used or even prepared for a rapid unit comp switch, which can be very effective in late game.

Goody could have won that game in the later stages if he had few barracks built, and some Reactors to attach them to at about the 1:25:40 mark (again Youtube timer 1 hour 25 minutes 40 seconds not in game clock).

Since he had 8000+ minerals banked!!!

I still think he could have won the game, I think he should have waited till he had all his minerals in Marines and Hellions before attacking, because what he needed to do at the very end, was force Zerg to use up all his energy.

The Queens would have been easy to kill if there were no Transfuses or Fungals left, and Infestors are totally defenseless when out of energy.

Would have tried to bait Energy use with pairs of Hellions harassing.

Zerg could have done a Nydus Ling switch at a couple of points in the late game as well, would have been real effective anytime the Hellion count was low.

One other element they both seemed to neglect, was keeping some type of quick reaction force, for Zerg this can be any ground unit with Nydus, for Terran Hellion can work good.

Though you can also use Vikings to some extent for that as Terran.

Vikings in ground mode are like extra beefy Hydras 56% more HP,  with the same DPS and range.

Plus they can fly away in a hurry if they need to.



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