Friday, November 9, 2012

Nerd Gear: MMT Monitor2Go slick portable Monitor with USB & HDMI


I missed the stories about this from CES 2012, just stumbled on this while researching portable Monitors for laptops and tablets, something I am interested in both for work on the go, but also for disaster preparation.

I am working on blog post for disaster prep & electronics, inspired in part since Hurricane Sandy impacted several nerds that do podcast I listen to, though I have been into disaster preparation for a long time.

The Monitor2Go is made to dock iPad 2 or 3 (and I assume iPad 4) securely underneath, but the 15.6" monitor will work with any device that has HDMI or USB output.

They also make a related monitor, called the Field Monitor Pro,

If you use spreadsheets or databases a lot, the Field Monitor Pro would be very useful, when your traveling or otherwise having to use a laptop, or a tablet like the Microsoft Surface, either RT or Pro, because it has a 10 key number pad in addition to the screen.

These devices are shipping, if you click on buy button on MMT's website, they offer 3 different retailers.

I am thinking that I will replace my 13" ASUS with a Microsoft Surface Pro, if the hardware is as good as I think it will be based on the Surface RT.

Either of these would work well with my ASUS laptop, and work well with Surface Pro if I do switch to that for mobile computing.

I am really addicted to screens, I would also use something like this in my home office, either connected to my laptop, or my desktop.

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