Friday, November 2, 2012

Nerd Gear: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Dock lets you add keyboard, mouse, and HDMI display

I didn't know Samsung was going to release this dock

Though it was displayed at IFA 2012, never really saw much info about it, and assumed it had been dropped.

If you lock at the picture here,, you will see the dock in it's closed or traveling position.

This dock gives you a total of 3 USB 2.0 ports (there are 2 USB ports on one side, and 1 USB port on the other side), and a HDMI out, as well as 3.5mm stereo audio out.

I am trying to find out if any/all of the USB ports are powered, if not, then you would want either USB flash drive or powered external HDD for data storage with this dock.

With either of those storage options, and a HDMI TV or monitor, you could be watching Blu Ray movies!

I am planning on getting a Galaxy Note 2 as a Christmas present for myself this year, now I am going to have to budget for this dock as well.

Once I have both, I will see if my Das keyboard will work with it, not sure if the Das needs powered USB connections or not, have to say the idea of a dock like this, combine with external HDD, and a mouse and mechanical keyboard is very interesting.

Don't know that I would have a lot of real use for it, more likely to use the dock just for charging and the HDMI out to use full size screen.

But this does mean I could just carry the dock and a keyboard with me, instead of a laptop, and still be able to blog easily while away from home.

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