Friday, November 9, 2012

Security & Hacking: "Gary McGraw: Proactive defense prudent alternative to cyberwarfare"

Good, long, article that argues that the US (and I assume this applies equally to other countries) needs to develop much stronger Cyber defenses.

Also questions the utility of offensive Cyber ability, which I agree with, all you really do with that is teach lot of people how to conduct stronger attacks, though reality is politicians will tend to favor Cyber attacks often, because they are "bloodless" and have less negative impact to the politician making the decision than more obvious attacks.

But as this article also points out, with a very nice The Hobbit (novel) reference, that one of the problems with Cyber attacks, is that it isn't easy, or often even possible, to tell for sure who launched a cyber attack.

So Nations or Groups can attack a country like the US in a way that makes some other country or group the likely suspect (ie like framing someone in a crime drama).

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