Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nerd Gear: Anandtech reviews 2 Rosewill Keyboards

I suggest close reading of the last section of that review, where they talk about the differences between Cherry Switches.

I also suggest this from Das on differences between switches

Full disclosure, I use & love, a Das Silent, which should have Cherry MX Brown switches on it, though I haven't removed key caps for cleaning yet (what can I say, I would rather game than clean).

I do a lot of typing and more than a little gaming.

I do plan to buy a few different mechanical keyboards to test out various switches, as my budget allows, to compare on a personal level the differences.

I want to have a mechanical spare keyboard, instead of the bluetooth spares I rely on currently.

Plus my girlfriend wants a better keyboard, and she isn't as picky as me, so any extra mechanical keyboard can always be donated to her.

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