Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gamer News: DayZ Bounty Mod

Saw this article on PC Gamer today.

Also this article by Digital Trends

Both about a new DayZ Mod called DayZ Bounty their site is and they also have a Twitch Stream with couple of Twitch VOD's at

Basically it adds a gambling with real money factor to DayZ, you pay to play, and can earn money in various ways, and lose money as well.

See their FAQ for details

NOTE:  This is ALPHA testing!  Everything is subject to change.

ALSO NOTE:  according to the Digital Trends article Bohemia Interactive is not pleased with this Mod, and are contacting the Devs of Bounty Mod, no idea if that means it will be squashed or not.

Also as anyone who has played DayZ much knows, Hacking is a big problem, adding a cash incentive will just bring more and better hackers to ruin the game IMHO.

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