Thursday, November 8, 2012

Security & Hacking: PayPal Authorization bypass issue

Read the Live Hacking article first, it is much better written, so it is lot easier to understand,

But I saw this issue on SC Magazine first,paypal-security-holes-expose-customer-card-data-personal-details.aspx

Neil Smith is the White Hat Hacker that found the vulnerability, his original blog post on the issue is

Have to say, he has a catchy title, though his blog post won't be easy to understand unless you have certain minimal coding/computer skills.

The Live Hacking article is the best one for general audience IMHO.

I have blogged about PayPal issues before

In that post I mentioned a hack that impacted friends of mine:
"A friend of mine passed away earlier this year, leaving a wife and two kids, and Paypal donations for them were stolen & Paypal wouldn't step up then either.  So this is the second time this year that I know of, where Paypal doesn't really seem to want to step up and make it right."

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