Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cool Election News "Youth support drives passage of California tax-hike measure"

Very Cool story IMO, while I dislike taxes as much as anyone, reality of the situation in California is that they really need to increase the State's cash flow, or they will have to make drastic cuts.

So for one thing, it actually shows people voting for something they need, even if they don't like it.

But it also was result of a lot of young voters, which as general rule in the US tend not to vote very much or very often.

While I don't agree with voting being the most important aspect of democracy, I think that participating and being active in politics is the critical factor, this shows a bunch of people actually being active.

They made a difference as well, so they hopefully will be encouraged to stay active in politics.

 I try not to talk politics to much on this blog, other than to encourage people to make their views known to politicians, in a manner fashion.

But I did comment a bit on politics, in the last half of this post

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