Friday, November 30, 2012

AnandTech Pod cast, worth listening to

I liked the whole podcast!

Think many hardcore Nerds will be most interested in the Nexus 4 LTE section.

They follow an outline & provide a timeline for each point, so you can skip to specific topic.

I suggest listening to the entire podcast though, if your interested in deeper learning.

There are lots of juicy little tidbits you can pick up between the lines.

Example, I am real interested in Windows 8 phones, so was interested in what they had to say about the Lumia 920.

I like the live tiles concept, and I am also looking for a new platform that has comparable security to my Blackberry that I am moving away from, to a Galaxy Note 2, because of my doubts of RIM's future.

Looking at Windows phones as a likely candidate for secure mobile platform, since the only other real choice is iOS, which works and has great device security, but I really don't like the UI and total lack of multi tasking.

So little tidbit I picked up, related to problems battery testing on the Lumia 920, was they hadn't been able to hack the short timer for shutting screen off (ie power saving), like they were for most phones that didn't allow shutting that feature off completely.

Not the same as a detailed examination of the devices security, but a useful bit of data IMO.

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