Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elfi Replay Pack Starcraft 2

Some replays I found today from Elfi.

Replay pack http://drop.sc/replays?player=%23190048

Also this game he uploaded today while streaming  http://www.2shared.com/file/B8XcoXjt/Cloud_Kingdom_LE__60_.html

Thanks Elfi!

For all Replay Packs I have posted just click this replays Label, other Labels can be found in Label cloud at left side of Blog, and also at bottom left of every post.

If your looking for something specific on my Blog, Google is the best way to find it, just cut and past my Blog's name Cliff's Esport Corner, into Google, and add whatever keywords your looking for, I am still looking for better ways to organize data here, it would help a lot if it was possible to build array with Labels, ie "Catz" + "replays"

Unfortunately Blogger doesn't support that yet T_T

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